Dirty Dead Con Men

3.9 IMDb
30 Mar 2018 Release
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama
23 Votes

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Life in Los Angeles is like a fairy tale. But the city of angels attracts people who want to taste acting glory, as well as criminals of different scale. Murders in the region are extremely rare, whereas criminal records, fraudulent schemes and robberies are held on police reports. Among those who want to profit at the expense of others are two bosom friends. One of them is a talented swindler, the other is a corrupt policeman. There is enough dirt and evil in the world, especially in the southern states of America. In fact, no one will notice the appearance of a couple of dirty scammers doing small operations.

They are absolutely sure of their own impunity, since they rob chiefly high-ranking criminals who have placed themselves above the law. Friends justify their actions by the fact that they take not the last piece of bread, but only surplus luxury, stolen from others. But vanity plays a cruel joke with miserable swindlers. The bosses of the criminal world do not like it when someone invades the sphere of influence. Villains are letting on the trail of the newfound enemies of their best people. Someone is ready to pay a tidy sum for seeing the dirty dead con men with their own eyes.

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