6 Balloons

5.8 IMDb
12 Mar 2018 Release
18 Votes

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Katie shows incredible dedication and perseverance, trying to support in a difficult period a sibling, trying to get rid of the deadly addiction to drug use of substances. It seemed to her that the most difficult thing was that they, together with Seth, had already overcome, since the period of stay in a specialized medical institution was safely completed, and we need to move on without the help of specialists. Enjoy watching 6 Balloons online in HD quality for free and without registration.

Medical workers have done everything necessary to save the patient from the unavoidable need to get the next dose. Now the real opportunity has appeared in the familiar return of the world and continue a normal existence, build a full-fledged, happy future. Doctors warned a caring cousin that a relapse is possible, and one must be prepared for unpleasant consequences in order to overcome new tests.

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