The Incredible Hulk

6.8 IMDb
6 June 2008 Release
$ 150 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
7 Votes

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A cure is in reach for the world's most primal force of fury: THE INCREDIBLE HULK. We find scientist Bruce Banner, living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote. But the warmongers who dream of abusing his powers won't leave him alone, nor will his need to be with the only woman he has ever loved, Betty Ross. Upon returning to civilization, our brilliant doctor is ruthlessly pursued by The Abomination -- a nightmarish beast of pure adrenaline and aggression whose powers match The Hulk's own. A fight of comic-book proportions ensues as Banner must call upon the hero within to rescue New York City from total destruction. One scientist must make an agonizing final choice -- accept a peaceful life as Bruce Banner or the creature he could permanently become: THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

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Movie Comments

  1. nims-1975, 2 months ago
    This 2008 film version of the 80's T.V Programme 'The Incredible Hulk' was and is absolutely crap. I hate Edward Norton and his acting as Bruce Banner was absolutely rubbish. They also got the name wrong in this film version of the original 80's T.V Programme. In the original 80's The Incredible Hulk, actor Bill Bixby played David Banner, but they got Edward Norton to act in this crap film and call his character Bruce Banner. This film doesn't even deserve or should have got a rating of 6.8 out of 10, it is a film which definitely is very cheesy. The Hulk in this film looks like a cheesy cartoon character, compared to the original Hulk which looked much more scarier. Definitely this film is very cheesy and is just absolutely rubbish. The film wasn't tense enough and before Bruce turned into the Hulk, it definitely wasn't scary or tense enough. I've got the DVD Box set of the original 80's T.V series The Incredible Hulk and the acting by Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno is absolutely brilliant and is 1000000 times better than this 2008 cheesy film and the episodes in the original T.V series is also much better ad more awesome than this crap.
  2. Ilikehorrormovies, 2 months ago
    Honestly I thought this film will be bad when I first saw it back in 2008. I thought Edward Norton was a weird choice for playing as hulk because I get use to Eric Bana as hulk. The hulk in this film look really detail like if hulk was real. It's almost 10 years since this film was like I feel old. I wish there was a sequel to this film but I think it's canceled I don't know.
  3. Sancy Jeg, 1 month ago
    This is the story about a man, Banner whose blood cells had been damaged during a science experiment and was infected. Now whenever Banner gets angry, he turns into a huge green thing. This movie was my second Marvel and my second superhero movie. This movie is not so good like Iron man but I like the action sequences. i suggest all to watch this movie.