The Butterfly Tree

5.1 IMDb
11 Aug 2017 Release
$ 3 000 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Family
18 Votes

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A bitter loss introduces distemper into a relationship. The son blames his father for being detached from domestic cares. The young man believes that it is the longing for an eternally absent and impartial spouse that caused the premature death of the mother. The man is powerless to convince the offspring of the opposite, but time helps the conflict to be smoothened. Another stumbling block for debaters is the "The Butterfly Tree" under the guise of a seductive dancer. Being a star of burlesque, the woman enjoyed the unbelievable success of the fans. Now the bored guest of the town is engaged in greenhouses, but often remembers the brilliant past. The young neighbor is fond of the person of the pretty artist.

The guy begs for helpers to the neighbor, admires her appearance, graceful movements. The naive suitor cherishes the moments spent near the ideal beauty. The father later gets acquainted with the object of filial sympathy. The widower encounters an irresistible attraction at the sight of the tempting beauty. Passionate novel finally spoils the relations of relatives. Blood ties do not endure torture with love. Mutual attacks turn into a frank war when details of the teacher's intrigues with pretty students and other sins come to the surface. Long-standing grievances rush to freedom and inexorably lead to a dramatic ending.

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