3.5 IMDb
21 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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In one family, two children grew up: Elton's son and Aila's daughter. They were very friendly with each other. But at the age of 4, the girl died tragically. This was a real shock for my brother. Even becoming an adult, he experiences excessive longing and affection for the deceased relative. He is inclined to believe that having a beloved sister nearby would help him avoid numerous mistakes. In his quest to achieve harmony with the world, Elton addresses wizards with an unusual request. He wants to bring the dead girl to life. Wizards and magicians perform a special ritual. As a result, next to the guy there is a matured Ayla.

The girl turns out to be an adult. She is almost 30 years old. The joy of reunion does not bring the desired result. The man understands that this is not the person he knew as a child. The former affection disappears. In return, there is a passion and a sexual attraction. After an intimacy, Elton faces another woman with magical abilities and gloomy inclinations. Having opened the door of the other world, the guy encountered an unknown horror and now does not know how to restore the state to its original state. He is convinced that the true descendant of hell has nothing to do with a tiny girl.

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