It Came from the Desert

4.6 IMDb
15 Sep 2017 Release
$ 1 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Comedy, Horror
Countries:Finland, UK, Canada
22 Votes

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Humanity lives in ignorance of civilizations from other worlds. The threat of invasion seems to be something fantastic and unnatural, but at the same time it frightens the minds of the townsfolk. The real trouble comes to Earth in the face of an ordinary meteorite. An alien object swept over several cities, finally landed in the Nevada desert area. It becomes a real sensation. The search for the cosmic body is sent to the best minds and advanced researchers. Greg Bradley, one of the leading experts, discovers traces of an unknown animal. He also notes unnatural vibrations and movement along the sand. Enjoy watching It Came from the Desert online in HD quality for free and without registration.

Truth amazes scientists. It turns out that the meteorite sprays the poison on the Earth, transforming small insects into terrifying creatures, capable of breaking a person in an instant. Residents of the Earth come to the disappointing conclusion that the appearance of the Meteorite on the planet is a civilization from another world. "Good-natured" neighbors decided to organize a mass genocide for humanity. They intend to use the liberated territory for personal purposes. Frightened people are forced to resist the bloodthirsty monsters, trying to prevent incidental apocalypse in passing.

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