It Comes at Night

6.2 IMDb
29 April 2017 Release
$ 5 000 000 Budget
91 min Duration
Genres:Horror, Mystery
Director:Trey Edward Shults
Writer:Trey Edward Shults
8 Votes

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Paul, his wife Sarah, their seventeen year-old son Travis and his grandfather Bud live a reclusive life in an isolated cabin in the woods. When Bud contracts a mysterious disease, the family is forced to put him down and burn his body. During the night, an invader breaks in their house and they dominate the man and leave him tied to a tree in quarantine to know whether he is sick or not. A couple of days later, they find the stranger is healthy and he tells that his name is Will. He explains that he left his wife Kim and their little son Andrew in an abandoned house to seek for water and food. Paul and Sarah invite him to bring his wife and son to live with them so that they could protect each other. On the arrival, Paul explains the rules of his house to the couple and they share the labor and supplies. But paranoia about disease and the outside menace arrive in the house affecting the lives of the two families.

Movie Comments

  1. Charles Jimenez (, 3 weeks ago
    It Comes at Night is a film that came out of nowhere for me, I hadn't Krisha or heard of the director. Although as soon as the poster was released I was very intrigued and mesmerized. Like any ignorant person, I believed that this film was going to be about an entity at night due to the poster. I knew that I didn't want to know anything going in, therefore I avoided all information about the film, as well as all trailers.

    However, as I looked on the Odeon page, I saw the family with gas masks, which surprised me and changed what I thought the film would be, I was more intrigued.

    The little information I received was enough to make me desperately want to see the film, I traveled from Dorchester all the way to Yeovil just to see this film. And simply, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

    It Comes at Night is the best Horror/Drama I've seen this year, the film is emotionally wrecking and brilliantly crafted. Almost every aspect of this film is flawless.

    The acting from every actor was exceptional. They all perfectly conveyed human trauma and anxiety through their subtle performances, adding layers to their characters, more than what's explicitly shown.

    The style of this movie was perfect to ensure the intended emotional investment. We are not explicitly informed on the source of the terror, instead we're experience as the characters experience, we know as much as they know. This benefits the film, by placing us in the same situation as the characters.

    The music was very beneficial towards the atmosphere and development, conveying the emotion and gravity audibly.

    I don't have anything varied to state other than praise, so I'll simply state that every other aspect complemented the film, ensuring an emotional and tragic experience.

    If I had to list any problem I have with this film, that would be the response. If there's one film I've seen in my life where I can't for the life of me understand the criticism, that's for this film.


    People need to perceive the film for what it is, rather than the schlocky monster movie I anticipated from the title. By first glance, the title and poster definitely conveys that, although they're not misleading, in-context with the film the poster and title make perfect sense. The 'It' in 'It Comes at Night' refers to the conflict, much of the conflict in the film occurs at night. The 'It' also refers to the dreams, the dreams seem to predict the conflict. Characters in the film refer to one becoming ill as 'them coming', which could emphasize that Travis became ill from the dreams.

    Do you recognize how varied these potential meanings are? That's part of the intrigue with this film, the film's answers are very varied, they have multiple conclusions. They may be more than one, although there is a conclusion.

    My advice to those who don't understand the appeal of the film is to watch the film again.

  2. Jeff2sayshi, 2 weeks ago
    It Comes at Night is hurt by a few things. First: the title. The title clearly makes it seem like it will be a straight horror/monster movie. 2: The trailer. The trailer makes it seem like a downright scary horror movie. 3: The first scene. In the opening scene we are shown a father and son having to kill a grandparent who is very clearly sick with some unknown disease.

    All these things together make one think the movie is going to be something it's not. The movie is in fact a drama played out over how to survive in a post apocalyptic world. Do you trust anyone? How much can you trust? How do you handle a situation. It's then given horror and thriller elements that go with it.

    While watching the movie I was upset by what it wasn't. Thinking about it after, I'm more OK with what it was, but it was still somewhat disappointing in its ambiguity.
  3. Dimitris Lampos, 2 weeks ago
    For those who failed to get the film and now trash it wondering "What comes at night?", the answer is fear comes at night. Fear and the irrationality and terror that follows it. Don't get fooled by the lower than deserved score at IMDb (that doesn't mean anything anyway in a frighteningly increasing pace). This film is a great one, with excellent casting and performances, great cinematography and most of all a clear message; if you let fear of the "monsters" (whatever the monsters are symbolized by) get you, you will become the monster in the end. Simple, beautiful, humanistic. Brilliant film.
  4. evanston_dad, 2 weeks ago
    Good grief, is this the feel-bad movie of the year or what?

    A family of survivalists have holed themselves up in an isolated house in the wake of some biological incident, the details of which are left vague, but which has resulted in a virus that kills anyone who contracts it. When another survivor with a family stumbles upon them, they must then decide whether or not to turn their backs or extend a helping hand. It's a parable that examines where the instinct to protect oneself and those he loves ends and the impulse for basic human decency begins.

    I guess I'd have to say that "It Comes at Night" was effectively done, because it left me feeling absolutely awful, and I had trouble shaking it. But I would also have trouble shaking the image of someone getting run over by a car -- no one would have to present it artistically for it to get to me. The final moments of "It Comes at Night" go places few movies dare to go, but it might make a viewer have to decide whether it's dramatically satisfying or cheaply manipulative.

    Grade: C