Shot Caller

7.4 IMDb
17 June 2017 Release
Genres:Crime, Drama, Thriller
11 Votes

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White-collar business professional, happily married accidentally commits a crime. Sentenced to prison time, he must adjust and learn the ways of prison life. Throughout this, he struggles to do what's best for his family on the outside. The choices he makes in prison will have major repercussions, both to himself and his family, if he makes the wrong one.

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Movie Comments

  1. aabdelrehman, 2 months ago
    It's been a few years since some movie forced me to sit without moving for the whole movie, Shot Caller did that! It is so unpredictable, high sense of sacrifice, and so so deep. It has some action, drama, and thrilling. You will have to sit until the very end to really know what's going to happen. And then, it is something you wouldn't expect. It is so deep and touching that could cause some tears in your eyes as well, be ware.
  2. miliahasan, 1 month ago
    What a masterfully told story. It builds towards such an emotionally riveting climax. The past events are presented brilliantly through costume, makeup, and change in the hairstyle of the actors. Ser Jaime Lannister sure as hell sold the character of the emotionally damaged cold-blooded gangster built in prison, hiding his true self of a loving father and husband. Overall a very enjoyable watch.
  3. pancholi-kota, 1 month ago
    This is the story of a prison inmate played by Nikolaj coaster-waldau who becomes a part of a gang to survive his sentence.Once a guy gets institutionalised,anything is possible.It doesn't end at the gates,a prisoner truly becomes free only when he is dead.This is how it works.This hard-hitting drama studies how prisons are actually run,and why do even naive inmates who want to go back to their families , end up getting transformed into savages during incarceration.These are no reform institutions ,rather the breeding grounds and laboratories for creating hardened criminals.

    Nikolaj goes in for causing an accident in which his friend dies,hobnobs with gangs inside,manages to get his sentence extended,and even when he gets out,is duty bound (or rather blackmailed)to perform criminal acts outside the prison to help his gangmates.He turns his wife and child away and sets about his business in calm and calculated fashion.The climax is brilliantly conceived.Nikolaj has given a power-packed performance.He is grim,intense and solid.He admirably balances his pain with his innate animal instincts.Survival is must,but shud be at his own terms.One doesn't get to choose the question life asks of you,but how you answer them shows your character.

    This film reminds me of Un Prophete (2010).This is an overexploited genre,but the film works because Nikolaj and the director Ric Roman Waugh have given their sincere best. (The man can tame Cersei,and survived a dragon scare in season 7,of course he wud survive mere criminals in a prison !)
  4. Michelle McDaniel, 1 month ago
    OK so this is my first IMDb Review I just finished the movie and it is seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen I don't even think I will ever be the same after watching this movie the whole entire movie was amazing and the and just left me speechless go watch it you will not regret it!!!