5.7 IMDb
4 March 2017 Release
$ 15 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
11 Votes

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An ex-special services veteran (Antonio Banderas), down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the doors up to a distraught and desperate young girl who has escaped and fled from a hijacking of the US Marshal motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a trial witness. Hot on her heels is psychopathic hijacker (Ben Kingsley), alongside his resourceful henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate their witness.

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Movie Comments

  1. badoli, 2 months ago
    This is another action flick along the script of "Die Hard": Dude down on his luck gets in a dangerous situation, where he's forced to be a hero. While the action scenes are very, very unrealistic, they are still well executed. And the cast with highly proved actors like Ben Kingsley and Antonio Banderas make the best of an average script and give their characters the necessary life to make it worthwhile.

    All in all nothing you'll remember but okay for a lazy evening.
  2. Jim Copeland, 2 months ago
    I found this a very intense and exciting movie. This is the first Banderas movie I've seen in a few years and I think it was easily as good as many of his earlier movies.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes excitement....a great bang bang shoot-em-up adventure.
  3. Bob Rutzel, 2 months ago
    Former ex-Special Forces Captain Eddie Deacon (Banderas) takes a job in a Mall and allows 12-yr old or so Jaime (Katherine de la Rocha) to come in as she is running from bad guys headed by Charlie (Kingsley) who does not want her to testify against him.

    You knew where it was going from the very minute Eddie opens those doors to Jaime. Although Vance (Liam McIntyre) was in charge of security, he realizes he is out of his league and lets Eddie run the show when Charlie confronts both at the doors.

    With seemingly over-whelming force Charlie meets resistance led by Eddie and the rest of the Mall security force. The task was made more difficult as Charlie had cut off all telephone lines so help could not come from outside. The stunts and shooting were good. What I especially liked was the expressions of fear within the security people as they made everything seem quite real. Can't blame them as this would be the case with almost anyone in that situation. The suspense and tension throughout was very good. Hey, I was looking for a place to hide too. Great work.

    You still looking for a twist? Well, there was one almost, but Eddie figured it out when U.S. Marshalls came to the Mall in what appeared to be a grateful rescue.

    All in all, not bad and Ben Kingsley and Antonio Banderas make this movie credible. Katherine de la Rocha does a very good job as the youngster running for her life and not knowing who to trust. (7/10)

    Violence: Yes. Sex; No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes, there is some, but not much.
  4. nikola17, 1 month ago
    Antonio Banderas kicks ass and this movie god this is how i want to see movie like this i have been waiting for movies like this of Antonio Banderas like Desperado,Once Upon Time In Mexico, Assassins but he is fun villain, Expendables 3. he hasn't made many movies like this but i think he is still great actor for movie like this. he needs more movies like this basically his done a lot kids movies, drama movies. but i wanted to see movies like this well this is the perfect one for him great for this role if it is someone else then depends but for him in this movie god great movie. full on action full on shooting full on explosions believe you will enjoy this movie it's full on action action it's movie for people who loves action action action action enough said. Eduardo 'Eddie' Deacon (Antonio Banderas) who is former Marine Special Forces, he is after for job he is almost broke specially his car is almost falling apart his job agency found a job for being a Security Guard at Shopping Mall. he has a wife and daughter but he has moved town got job as a Security Guard At Shopping Mall. you have another characters were Annoying to me like Vance (Liam McIntyre) another Security Guard who is very annoying of his character he is bit of Dick and another annoying character Manson (Chad Lindberg) actor from very first Fast And The Furious Character Jesse, The Last Samurai. you will know him his character annoying like they won't be quiet or being too cocky. another character who is not annoying Johnny Wei (Jiro Wang) he is OK and another female character is guard as well Ruby (Gabriella Wright) is alright character noting much to say she is not annoying like another 2 guards. now little girl run to shopping mall Jamie (Katherine de la Rocha) is running in trouble from someone Eduardo is proctoring her and wanted to know what's going on then who pops up you know actor (Ben Kingsley) who said he wanted his daughter back. Eduardo was very suspicious to Charlie. Eduardo refused to not give girl back to Charlie. this is how hell broken lose Charlie men goes at mall to attack Security Guards who has the girl but Security Guards has to product girl from another bad guys. you have another henchmen Named Dead Eyes (Cung Le) Dragon Eyes, Certain Justice

    AKA Puncture Wounds, Man with Iron Fist is in this movie as Henchmen to Charlie he is there he does kick as in this movie you have fight scene in this movie with Antonino Banderas witch was good but not best. you have a lot high voltage action very Non Stop a lot of great action scenes very good worth watching movie i highly recommended for action fans please do it's a great fun action movie you will ever love to death believe me it's so good. just because this movie went slaright to DVD or Netflix doesn't mean it's a bad movie give it a big look it's fun movie running time goes for 1h 28min. great movie the rating of movie should have been a lot more higher don't ever read or listen to people say how bad this movie is ?? what do they want ? a love story well this isn't love story this is a great action movie for Action Fans Mainly noting else this is full on action Like Die Hard At Shopping Mall like theirs another similar movie like this is Direct to DVD movie called Point Blank (1998) similar but different movie very compare with this great flick. Antonino Banderas kicks a lot ass in this movie shooting a lot of bad guys and fights their is little similar scenes like John Woo staff like when chow yun fat slides in wet floor with 2 guns shooting at bad guys. to me Antonio did that stunt. their is a lot

    great stunt work in movie a lot of it dangerous stunts lucky they didn't ended dead or hurt badly. i want more movies like this and i want more of Antonino Banderas Action movies like this. Security is Highly Recommended please check it out please who cares about Bad Reviews this movie doesn't go for 2hr 59 minutes it's very fast Pacing believe me it's so good give a it chance. 10 out 10 i will be watching this movie like million times it's soo good a lot of hardcore action.