Mechanic: Resurrection

5.7 IMDb
22 August 2016 Release
$ 40 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Crime
Countries:France, USA
8 Votes

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Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him, until his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best: make them look like accidents.

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Movie Comments

  1. alindsay-al, 2 months ago
    I recently watched the first Jason statham mechanic film and I found it okay but now I have seen the sequel and this film make the first one look great because of how bad resurrection is. The premise of the film sees after somebody he cares about is kidnapped Arthur bishop is forced to go after three targets. As mentioned before Jason statham plays the lead in this film and you get what you expect, he is very brooding in this and plays the tough guy well, which helps sell him in the action scenes. However, I found his character to be way more interesting in the first film and I felt him to just be there with me not caring about him in this film. The supporting cast is big let down, Jessica alba plays his love interest in this film and she is simply eye candy not providing much more then that, it doesn't help that her and statham don't really have any chemistry together in this film. Tommy lee Jones has a small role in this film and if his role had been expanded it might have worked but he just wasn't given enough time to get his performance across. The villain is the ultimate cliché and feels like they didn't even care to try and think of a compelling villain for this film. The story is also as cliché as you can get, it feels pretty repetitive as statham goes for his targets and I just ended up not caring about anything story related in this film. The script has some pretty cheesy dialogue in it and all I'll say is that I didn't care about any of the drama and I never laughed so this script truly failed. The style of the film though was pretty cool, the action scenes were all filmed really well and it was fun to watch statham come up with these unique creative kills. Overall this is a bad film that hopefully ends this mechanic franchise.
  2. Tom P, 1 month ago
    Horrible movie. Poor effects, script, acting. A movie with zero intelligence and respect for it's viewers. Everything from start to finish is so predictable, all problems are solved easily, it's just not reliable. Too bad Jason f***ing Statham, who is, imo, a very talented actor, chose to act in this poor movie. 1/10
  3. freddy, 1 month ago
    This movie really is really awful. When it started in Brazil I thought great. Nice scenery. Lots of attractive men. I should have known when the location changed from Brazil to Thailand.

    I got as far as the first sex scene. Why use abused children as a plot contrivance while the lead is banging a woman who looks young enough to be his daughter. Really offensive.

    As it turns out Alba is 36 not 16 to his 50 but the dreadful image is still there.

    Doesn't Thailand have any normal women? Or attractive men?