Molly's Game

7.5 IMDb
8 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Biography, Crime, Drama
Countries:China, USA, Canada
33 Votes

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Molly Bloom lived almost all her life to get to the Olympic team in mountain skiing, but was defeated. Now she has two ways: to go to law school or work for a year. Molly chose the second option, settled in a cafe, but this did not satisfy her. Therefore, the girl created her own underground poker club. Subsequently, her clients were the richest people on Earth, world celebrities and big criminal bosses, and the stakes were thousands and millions of dollars. For Molly, it was an incredible profit. But the authorities rarely approve of underground gambling establishments, and the girl's club was no exception. She understands that if you do not accept something - go to jail. The lawyer Charlie Jaffey can save her. But whether this will turn out to be a big question, because Molly's club has accepted a lot of people and money. Enjoy watching Molly's Game online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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