Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

7.2 IMDb
23 Mar 2018 Release
Genres:Animation, Action
28 Votes

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The premiere of the new adventure thriller "Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay" will please all fans of these comic books. Again, an unusual team of anti-heroes will go to meet dangerous adventures and adventures. Two fictional organizations, which include members of the suicide squad, exist to fulfill the most dangerous missions and important state tasks. Ordinary agents simply do not agree to risk their lives so much, performing such special operations. What can not you say about the heroes of the "Suicide Squad". All of them are in prison for the villains for the most varied crimes, and sometimes simply because of a tragic confluence of circumstances. In exchange for the fact that someday they will be released from a special purpose prison, or that they will someday soften the verdict, the characters go to the most risky and serious steps. The US government knows that they will be able to solve the problem most efficiently and quickly. After all, in the long run, there is nothing to lose suicides, except for a prison cell, and they will go to great lengths to obtain the desired freedom. In the new part of the adventures of the suicide squad there will be even more acute plot twists, comedy situations and curious moments.

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