Proud Mary

4.8 IMDb
12 Jan 2018 Release
$ 14 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
19 Votes

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The heroine of the militant "Proud Mary" - not a female profession. She earns a lot of money, eliminating the rivals of a serious criminal group operating in Boston. The apartment of dark-skinned beauty resembles a weapons warehouse. There is everything - from pistols with a silencer to mortars. Nobody can get out on the trail of an elusive killer, because in the arsenal of Mary there are a lot of wigs, masks and images. Persistent trainings made the mulatto a physically strong person with a hard, ruthless character. Not every male killer can boast of such a degree of professionalism. One of the next tasks of the perfect killer is the elimination of the drug dealer who dared to invade the zone controlled by the mafia. After the murder, something in the soul of a fatal woman turns around because of the acquaintance with the son of the man she killed. She becomes attached to the boy and takes him with her. Communication with the child makes Mary remember that she is a woman, and her main instinct is the mother. A woman tries to get out of a dangerous game to start life from scratch.

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