8.0 IMDb
21 January 2016 Release
$ 58 000 000 Budget
108 min Duration
Genres:Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director:Tim Miller
Writers:Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
10 Votes

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Wade Wilson is a small-time mercenary. He meets Vanessa and falls in love. Life is idyllic until one day he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Things look bleak but a man appears who says he can be cured, through a treatment that gives him superhero powers. After initially turning him down, Wilson agrees, and meets the man behind the project, Ajax. While undergoing the treatment he discovers that it will involve him becoming a mutant, and he will need to undergo several painful tests to discover what his mutant abilities are. Plus, Ajax is a sadist. The treatment results in Wilson getting powers of accelerated healing but also leaves him terribly disfigured. Ajax tries to keep him a prisoner but he escapes. He now has two aims: find Vanessa and make Ajax pay for what he did to him. Killing Ajax may not be as easy it seems, as Ajax is also a mutant and the meddling superhero Colossus and his sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead keep getting in the way. Oh, and Wade Wilson is now operating under an alias: Deadpool.

Movie Comments

  1. GreenApples ., 3 weeks ago
    Im actually quite surprised on how this movie goes well. BUT, THE ratings didn't do well on it's release, Like it had 6 - 6.9 rating more or less on the 1st week and so weeks go on. Then it became to 8 now. It's actually good though. I really recommend it. To be honest, Deadpool is playing as Ryan Reynolds. The character really fits perfectly for Reynolds, performance 10/10, acting 10/10, humor 10/10. I can't wait for another movie and I hope it's 2h30m long, The movie is really worth a penny.
  2. Egert Kukk, 2 weeks ago
    Deadpool takes the two elements of comedy and action and blends it so well together. Ryan Reynolds who has played in other movies like Green lantern and The Proposal plays as the main protagonist Deadpool. The quick summery for the movie is that he finds out that he has cancer and doesn't have much more to live. So he is visited by this stranger who says that he might be able to cure his cancer. So nothing much to lose he accepts his offer and goes with him. They do a all kinds experiments on him and put him trough a lot of pain. He sees that it was a bad idea and tries to escape. He then goes trough a near death experience and gains his super power that is regeneration so that the cancer will never kill him. But after all those experiments he is left deformed. He then goes on to take revenge on the man that did this to him. And of course like any other super hero movie he finds the man and kills him. I think that the movies strongest points are the comedic scenes. It might be just me but the comedy makes the movie what it is. There might be a few cheesy moments that are just bad but that's what the movie is all about. This is one of my favorite movies so far in the later years and i'm already very hyped about the next movie that comes out in a few years. I would recommend this to anybody that loves comedy and action.
  3. Jeffrey Newman, 2 weeks ago
    I'm happy to see the scores for this movie be so high because, frankly, this had the makings of being a movie that people just wouldn't "get." I have to say that, while I'm not surprised it was successful, the records "Deadpool" broke in its opening weekend have absolutely stunned me. One, it's a rated R movie. That alone should have tamed any expectations. Two, it made more money in its opening weekend than "Man of Steel," Batman Beyond," any "X- Men" movie, "Iron Man," "Captain America: First Avenger," "Spider-Man," "The Incredible Hulk," and even "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the disaster of a movie that had the completely wrong first incarnation of Deadpool. From a comic book fan perspective, this movie represents a complete change in generations. I was a huge Avengers fan and stopped collecting in the late 80s. When I was a collector, artists were becoming the big reason to like comics. Frank Miller, John Byrne, etc. When Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld came onto the scene as I was leaving the hobby, I missed out on the whole multiple-covers, poly-bagged, trading card, overly-collector-driven disaster of comics that exploded with the X-Men reboot, X-Force, Deadpool introduction, etc. Over the years as I dabbled back and forth into the hobby, I read about Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, etc. and found it intriguing, but once the artists mentioned above moved on to create Image Comics, and Rob Liefeld, the douchebag creator of Deadpool, began his series of back and forth love/hate situations with fans, his colleagues, his stupid Spike Lee Levis 501 jeans commercials, etc., I could tell that I had little interest in investing myself in this idiot's work. His artwork was unique and I never quite understood it, but I was never as critical of it as many people are. The Internet has volumes of hate for this guy. If you regularly read his Twitter feed too, it's clear this idiot has never learned his lesson. He's a moron of the highest order. Despite Rob's strong denial, Deadpool is, in fact, a blatant rip-off, structurally, of DC's Deathstroke with a dab of Spider-Man. Deathstroke's real name is Slade Wilson. Deadpool's is Wade Wilson. The costume is designed similarly with pouches, swords and guns. Sure the personalities are completely different, but I attribute that to Fabien Nicieza and subsequent writers like Gail Simone. The appeal of Deadpool has always been his 4th-wall interaction with readers, his insane anti-hero antics, his vulgar humor, etc., all completely different comics than the ones I collected. While I appreciated the jolt that gave to the industry, which was getting kind of stale, I believe it single-handedly killed kid interest in the genre. It became an industry for adults, which has an ever-diminishing audience. Look at the sales numbers today and the past 20 years, and that is very clear. Liefeld's era ruined comics. That being said, for everything Deadpool isn't in terms of his look (which is Liefeld's fault), he is very unique in personality and character development. The brilliant writers over the past 20 years have built upon that initial insanity and kept him relevant. Frankly, it's overdue that he had a film, especially since Spawn had a movie in the late 90s. However, it's good that Fox waited. It's even better that they yielded to how horrible of a depiction they did in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and allowed Ryan Reynolds and the brilliant writing team in this film to go full Deadpool, no questions asked, no limits, nothing. The brilliance of Deadpool IS the writing (sorry, Rob). There is not a better way to have made a Deadpool movie than this film. Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. He was born to play him. Physique, humor, age, everything. His love of the character and his commitment to get this movie made was redeemed with this massive opening weekend. The movie never falls into a boring state. It's consistently funny. It's action-packed. It's got the perfect immersion in the X-Men world. It sets up perfectly for a sequel that will obviously include Cable and, hopefully, lead to an X-Force movie. It is the breath of fresh air that the X-Men franchise needed, especially after we see what appears to be an awful translation of the Apocalypse storyline. Just like in the comics, Deadpool is taking the movies to a vulgar, more sophomoric version of the status quo. People believed it was a breath of fresh air back then, even if it ended up ruining the genre. While I believe this was the perfect Deadpool movie that could have ever been made, could seeing movies made from this 90s generation of comics also kill off the comic movie industry as they appeal more to adults? The similarities are...ahem...uncanny.
  4. johnny-burgundy, 2 weeks ago
    Deadpool  (2016) This is superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Our main character hunts the man who gave him mutant abilities, but also a scarred physical appearance. This is not your typical superhero film. Hence the 'R' rating. The violence is cranked the up to John Wick levels. The language and sexual content is not what you would expect out of a superhero. If you know the comic, you'll understand. But you don't need to know the comic or character to love this film. The cast was fantastic. It includes Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and T. J. Miller. The jokes are hilarious, sometimes juvenile, but utterly necessary to understand the character. This is by far my favorite superhero movie. It really blew me away. I still can't conceive how much less it cost compared to other superhero movies. This is an absolute must see! Hell, I've seen it five times in less than a year.