I Kill Giants

6.5 IMDb
9 Sep 2017 Release
$ 15 100 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Countries:Belgium, UK, USA
42 Votes

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The scientists found out that children, whose imagination is well developed, have a high intelligence coefficient. The main heroine of the fantasy tape "I Kill Giants" is a girl named Barbara Thorkson, attending primary school. She adores fairy tales and believes that magic must certainly exist in reality. Barbara is convinced that the modern world is inhabited by evil creatures - giants and monsters. These creatures do not want to share the world in which they have to live, with anyone else.

A little schoolgirl is the only one who can save the world's population from her aggressive inhabitants. Barbara does not know the feeling of fear, because she fights against the forces of evil with a magic hammer, which can easily be found in her school backpack. A brave girl never gives up and does not lose, because it is on her side that there are powerful forces of good. Who can know about them, except for Barbara herself? Unfortunately, the stories of the young heroine do not believe either adults or other children. Classmates consider the girl strange, so do not miss the opportunity to cruelly joke on her. But soon everything will change...

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