Amanda & Jack Go Glamping

4.6 IMDb
29 Oct 2017 Release
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
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Jack and Amanda have long been in a happy marriage, they bring up two wonderful children. But everyday everyday problems, intense professional activity and restless children, which cause a lot of trouble, gradually lead to emotional exhaustion and fatigue. To avoid immersing the imminent into a depressive state, it is necessary to take urgent measures, otherwise there will be a breakdown. A married couple plans to rest from the daily, filled with endless troubles away from the noisy, boring city. They board an SUV, leave the offspring in the care of acquaintances and go to meet peace and quiet in a secluded place amidst the picturesque nature, hoping to spend a happy few days alone, all the time dedicating themselves to communication and strengthening of relationships. Enjoy watching Amanda & Jack Go Glamping online in HD quality for free and without registration.

For a pleasant pastime, a married couple rents a kind of hut in a specialized place designed to provide such services to those wishing to spend time in natural conditions without all kinds of adaptations of civilization. Unfortunately, their wonderful plans are not allowed to come true. Desired privacy after a while violates the extraordinary newlyweds-hipsters, not distinguished by a sense of tact and respect for the inviolability of personal space. They constantly create awkward situations, which irritate the spouses. The situation is aggravated by the appearance on the horizon of the brutal owner of this territory, constantly flickering before the eyes, as if specially demonstrating a pumped-up torso in front of women. Such a circumstance leads to jealousy on the part of the husband. The rest is completely ruined.

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