Ghost in the Shell

6.4 IMDb
16 March 2017 Release
$ 110 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama
Countries:UK, China, India, Hong Kong, USA
6 Votes

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In the future, human organs are enhanced by the cybernetics technology developed by the powerful Hanka Robotics Corporation owned by Cutter. Dr. Ouelet is the responsible for the development of the secret project 2571 of a full mechanical body to be connected to a human brain. She uses the brain of a young woman that lost her parents in a cyber attack as subject of a prototype. One year later, the woman is ranked Major and has joined the Section 9, an anti-terrorist division commanded by Chief Saisuke Aramaki, working with agents Batou and Togusa. She needs to use a medicine to help the integration of her brain with the mechanical body and has no recollections of her previous life. When Section 9 hunts down the terrorist Kuze, Major learns secrets about Hanka and the experiment she was subjected. What will happen next?

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Movie Comments

  1. dmcjr79-539-641005, 2 months ago
    I'm telling you, I didn't watch this movie when it came out because all the negativity and bad reviews. It was on sale online so I decided what the hell.

    Just goes to show you. I get the whitewashing aspect of it, but if you can put that aside the movie was truly awesome entertaining movie. Reminded me of a mix between like Tron and The Matrix style wise with a soundtrack that was killer.

    I need to stop listening to critics!
  2. michaelbozas, 2 months ago
    As far as films based on Animes go, this is light years better that some of the other crap we are getting nowadays. Some of the elements of this film like the visuals, the cinematography and the music are freaking perfect. The acting is also pretty good. Where the film kinda makes me lower my grade a bit is the script. Many plot elements to be honest feel rushed. Especially the ant-climatic third act. Not that the movie doesn't feel like a coherent movie (cough..cough..Death Note), but as far as the ending goes to be honest it comes to a whole pretty quickly and feels not deserves. The passe is the reason this film doesn't get a higher grade. Like I previously mentioned, the acting is pretty good and Scarlett Johansson is really fine here. This is obviously a role that fits her, as we've seen from movies like Lucy and Under the Skin. The character Batou and Kuze also appealed to be and made me care about them. Especially Kuze was one of the best parts of this movie. While I unfortunately haven't watched the anime, I did really enjoy the film and think that if sudios continue to make movie like that, anime based films will start being great.
  3. Thy Davideth, 2 months ago
    Greatest story ever: stupid liberals cry whitewashing; Japanese natives actually like the casting of Johansson and wasn't offended one f$@#in' bit; creator of Ghost In A Shell thought Johansson exceeded expectations for the role. Liberals just keep getting more retarded by the day. Yeeeeeaaash! As for the movie, I liked it unfortunately. Worst yet I didn't like the original anime either. I mean the anime version wasn't horrible, I just don't like animes at all. So what can I tell you. I liked the cyberpunk elements, cinematography, the action and Johansson's beefy butt gave me a boner. The let downs were slow pacing, not enough action, story was meh and acting was a lifeless. So up yours.

    Update: Apparently someone didn't like this review and decided to go discredited my other reviews. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! So weak.
  4. family-63052, 2 months ago
    Definitely 10/10. In the times where humanity is at risk, where people seems to find it hard to tell right from wrong, where some can get away from law without consequences, these all give people a false impression: as long as you are powerful, you won't need to abide by moral& law. Nothing says these are not a path to happiness and joy than this movie.

    I don't care if this is not a movie from major movie-making companies, as long as the movie does not have too much violent, brutal, bloody, sexual scenes and above all, help enforcing a basic rule---humanity is our virtue, I am all for that.

    Think of it this way, if all of those with power, money can do whatever they want including harming other people with less power and wealth, I really don't think any parents would want their children to be exposed to these toxic environment.