5.6 IMDb
12 January 2017 Release
$ 30 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
8 Votes

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Undercover Las Vegas police officer Vincent Downs finds himself trapped in a web of corrupt cops, internal affairs and violent gangsters. When a failed heist leads to the kidnapping of his son, Downs must race against time during an intense and restless night to save him and bring the criminals to justice.

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Movie Comments

  1. GUENOT PHILIPPE (philippe.guenot@dbmail., 2 months ago
    That's not the worst remake ever I have seen in my movie life. That's not exactly a copycat of NUIT BLANCHE, the French film released six years ago, starring Tomer Sisley. Some lines are the same but not every, some have been added. Especially the very last seconds of the movie that look like a horror film ending, suggesting something else...I did not expect this in a crime movie, or a thriller. As in the French film, I like the Internal Affairs rotten cop scheme, and the lead character cop trying to nail the IA heat...This was the same in the 2011 film. Besides, Jamie Fox is stabbed on the right side when his son is abducted and later in the film, when he fights in the casino kitchen he seems to have knife wound on the left side. And the drug shipment doesn't look like cocaine to me, but "brown sugar"instead. Not a bad movie, saved by the last seconds.
  2. bkrauser-81-311064, 1 month ago
    Watching Sleepless is much like eating the last chalupa of the night at a run-down Taco Bell. All the ingredients are there to give you a low-rent, but still pretty satisfying experience. Yet once you actually sit down and take your first big bite, you realize everything has coagulated into an undecipherable mess. And, as if you taunt you, they managed to sneak in some fresh lettuce.

    The story begins with a ballsy, dark alley drug heist perpetrated by two dirty cops, Vincent Dowds (Foxx) and Sean Cass (T.I.). After a lengthy gunfight and escape, the two are assigned the next morning to their own crime scene, all but guaranteeing they're in the clear as far as the law is concerned. This doesn't sit well with Internal Affairs Agent Jennifer Bryant (Monaghan) whose recent brush with corruption has left her hyper-aware of citizens above suspicion. Dowds and Cass think they're in the clear. They think they can simply resell their score. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is a smaller town than they realize and the powers that be decide Dowd's son (Johnson) would be the perfect bargaining chip.

    The fresh lettuce in this case (if we decide to continue the belabored taco metaphor), is best represented by the script. Sleepless is based on the French film Nuit Blanche (2011), a movie marketed as a cross between Die Hard (1988) meets 24 (2001-2010) by way of Taken (2008). With that kind of framing, it's easy to see the influences. The mechanics of the script gifts its audience with escalating stakes, a clear time-clock, a largely singular location and an array of conflicting motivations and double-crosses.

    Yet in the hands of relatively green German director Baran bo Odar and the positively sleepwalking Jamie Foxx, Sleepless can't help but buckle under the weight of the script's machinations. Instead of emphasizing human emotions to gain tension and momentum, the film clumsily succumbs to the lazy rhythms of American action clichés. This requires, among other things, an obligatory car chase, the main villain mindlessly intimating his underlings, and Jamie Foxx brawling and dodge bullets with superhuman aplomb while nursing a stab wound to the abdomen. The fact that no bad guys were dispatched from the rooftop of the Luxur Hotel and Casino is a minor miracle.

    The results are not just second-rate, they're last-rate. Every angle of this film was shot not with maximum aesthetic appeal in mind, but to hide how embarrassingly cheap this film is. The lions share of the fight scenes take place not in the casino but in the back service corridors. The car chase I mentioned, takes place in a near empty parking garage and the climactic showstopper at the end of the movie might as well be lifted from a Troma movie.

    This movie either needed to be much better or much worse than it ended up being. Perhaps if they dumbed down the script further, the cheapness of the end product would have been endearing. Perhaps they could have made an unintentionally hilarious Steven Seagal vehicle. Yet with a script this patently in-love with itself, Sleepless needed to rise to the challenge and unfortunately it folded like a bad hand of poker. The European version may have been a smart, effective and thrilling mix of genre influences, but this American remake feels like Triple 9 (2016) meets Urban Justice (2007) by way of a pile of s**t.
  3. SnoopyStyle, 1 month ago
    In Las Vegas, Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) and partner Sean Cass (T.I.) steal a shipment of cocaine. They turn out to be police detectives and Vincent volunteers to investigate the battle in the street. Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) and Doug Dennison (David Harbour) from Internal Affairs are brought in on the case. Vincent is estranged from his son and his ex Dena Smith (Gabrielle Union) is newly engaged. He is surprised to find out that Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney) and mob-related Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy) are the owners of the drug shipment. Then his son is kidnapped by them.

    This is a crime action thriller in the vein of a Michael Mann movie. There are some good action with one particularly fun fight scene. The cast is good enough and it has the potential to be a solid crime thriller. The problem is that the movie never makes me care about Vincent and I never do. There are also some logic problems although logic may not be a big sticking point. This has all the parts but fails to put them together.
  4. kevin-brisbane, 1 month ago
    Jamie Foxx can you believe this guy has an Academy award.

    Stories kind of typical Something that I could have filmed in my high school If you're bored and have nothing else to do go ahead But just to let you know by my review you were warmed

    I sincerely thought it would be a tad better than this