Red Sparrow

6.7 IMDb
19 Feb 2018 Release
$ 69 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
44 Votes

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The main heroine of the movie Red Sparrow is a former ballerina named Dominica. She prematurely completed her professional career, injured. The future of the heroine and her mother seems hopeless, difficult and gloomy. After that, the girl becomes a recruit of a special secret service, where she passes special training, the main idea of which is to realize that the main weapon of a person is his body and mind. Charming character with dignity is a long, difficult course and becomes an experienced and dangerous officer. Dominica gets a serious task - to get hold of the CIA agent's heart and find out the details of the planned operation.

However, the will of fate heroes sincerely fall in love with each other. A man seeks to prove to Dominica that his feelings are strong, and only he is worthy of her trust. However, the couple were not originally destined to be together, because their relationship threatens the security of both states. Now the main goal of the main character is to detain a spy lurking in Washington. For the sake of fulfilling the mission, the girl will have to forget everything that was before and erase from memory even the most dear and loved ones. Will she be able to realize her plans and get out of the situation, once and for all, saying goodbye to her past life?

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