Black Panther

7.6 IMDb
29 Jan 2018 Release
$ 200 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
96 Votes

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Wakanda ... A small African country, isolated in the heart of the Black Continent. Tattooed natives, grazing white goats, ritual dances and primitive beliefs - this is seen by representatives of European society. But this is only a screen that covers a technologically advanced state, in the territories of which there are huge deposits of vibranium. This rare metal has tremendous properties and is highly valued in the rest of the world, so the people of Wakanda carefully guard their immunity. But one day the peaceful existence of the Vahidis is threatened: this time the enemies use the most modern weapons and will not stop at anything to achieve their goal. Protect the fatherland will be the best fighters, but will they be able to overcome internal differences and unite in the face of danger? Only the real leader can lead them - the young king T'Challa, who is destined to inherit the mask of the Black Panther and continue the fight against evil. It is time for him to take responsibility before the people and from now on to protect his homeland from plunder and cunning machinations of greedy politicians and businessmen of the rest of the world.

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