My Bloody Valentine

5.5 IMDb
8 January 2009 Release
$ 15 000 000 Budget
Genres:Horror, Thriller
9 Votes

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In the mining town of Harmony, a drilling accident is caused by the son of the owner, Tom Hanniger. The mine collapses, burying six miners alive. The rescue team finds only Harry Warden alive, but in coma, and the other miners murdered by his pickax, and they conclude that Harry killed them to save oxygen for himself. On Valentine's Day, Harry awakes from his coma in the local hospital, and he kills twenty-two people, including a group of teenagers that are partying in the mine. Harry is killed by the deputy, but the only survivors are Tom Hanniger, his girlfriend Sarah, their friend Axel Palmer and his girlfriend Irene. Ten years later, Tom returns to Harmony after the death of his father. Tom has decided to sell the Hanniger Mine, and finds that Sarah has married Axel, who is now the local sheriff, and they have a son named Noah. On Valentine's Day, Harry Warden also returns, seeking revenge against those that had escaped his pickax in the past, and Tom is accused by Axel and other locals, who in turn makes accusations against Axel.

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Movie Comments

  1. Screen_Blitz, 2 months ago
    Despite its title, this unessential remake of the 1981 original of the same name feels more appropriate for Halloween than Valentines Day. After all, it has scary and horrifying written on its forehead and deals far less with people celebrating their relationships with their significant others than it does with individuals getting picked off one-by-one by a psychotic maniac in a mask. As with many slasher films (and their remakes), this one is far from anything new and pedals on roughly the same formula we have seen numerous times in past a few decades. Director Patrick Lussier does offer a rare ingredient to the mix, and that is adding 3-D effects to the gruesome action; allowing audiences to witness the horrific bloodshed flying at their faces. Does it do much to enhance the experience? Maybe by a smidgen for those who relish in seeing things pop out in their faces. For anyone else, it is just another run-of- the-mill slasher fare showing the filmmakers desperately trying to use extreme gore in favor of effective scares which proves to be easier said than done. This film takes us in the fictional town of Harmony, where a mine collapse takes the lives of six coal miners while leaving one survivor Harry Warden. Awaking from a coma, Warden steps back into his coal mining suit and uses his pick- axe to slaughter teenagers on the night of Valentines Day. Upon escaping the massacre, Tom (played by Jensen Ackles), ten years later, returns to his hometown where he and his former girlfriend (played by Jaime King), her husband Sheriff Axel (played by Kerr Smith), college-aged Megan (played by Megan Boone) and sexy hotshot Irene (played by Betsy Rue) are threatened by the vicious coal miner who continues on his killing spree. And to matters worse for Tom, Axel and local officials are pointing their fingers at him as the suspect.

    This movie operates on the middle-of-the-road recipe for slasher flicks so precisely it almost renders the story predictable, and thus, leaves itself running low on surprises. While it is not a complete wasteland running on empty with scares as there are a few genuine moments of menacing tone when the ruthless coal miner wields his pick-axe, it feels almost nothing more than a simply rehash of slasher movie clichés. Horny teenagers throw a drinking party that suddenly interrupted by a masked psychopath? Check. A man and a woman engage in sex, securing their vulnerability for the killer? Check. A character gets chased by the killer and makes the ill- advised decision of running anywhere but the exit? Check. And with fairly no surprise, there is never a character to come across and truly root for until the end. Whether the character lives to the end or dies will most likely not be on viewers' minds. It is just that character development never seems to be a convenient element in the genre. Of course, not everyone comes to sit with characters they come to care about but instead watch them in slaughtered with in an ultra-gory frenzy. For a vicious bloodbath, there are a few effective moments, particularly the scenes that send blood and guts flying into the screen in 3-D. But it is only a matter time before the joy of the fancy gimmick wears out. Only those with strong stomach are capable of handling the sight of people getting stabbed, decapitated, and impaled in disturbingly inventive ways by a man in a coal mining suit.

    My Bloody Valentine is unflinchingly gory and violent to its core, but whether viewers will find themselves entertained will partially depend on their concern for the unnecessary rehash of clichés the film throws at you. If blood and gore is their treat, they are definitely in for the ride. But for everyone else, that's a different story to say the least. Regardless, it is ultimately forgettable.
  2. ivo-cobra8, 2 months ago
    My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) is very underrated horror slasher flick and a remake of the classic original horror film My Bloody Valentine (1981) with the same name. I love this film, this slasher horror film is very bashed from fans and its critics! I have enjoyed this movie very much more than other horror remake Friday the 13th! Before I review this film I want to explain why this horror film grow on me and why I love it so much. In the fall 2009 I saw on TV Supernatural (2005) horror TV series it was the third season on TV, after finishing watching episodes 1 and 2, the series become one of my all time favorite TV shows. I was hooked up on that show after I finished season 3 on TV, I downloaded Season 1 and 2 on my computer and I watch them from the beginning till the end. I loved it, in 2010 I finished seasons 4 and 5. I loved both of the actors who portrayed the Winchester boys and I was interested in their filmography and I noticed both of the actors in the same year of 2009 were playing in a horror slasher remakes the lead protagonists. Jensen Ackles tried with this film My Blood Valentine playing Tom J. Hanniger the main protagonist. While Jared Padalecki tried his portrayal the protagonist Clay Miller in Friday the 13th (2009). I must say both of the actors did a great job in each horror slasher remake movie! I watched both of the movies separately and I loved them. I love Jensen Ackles and I love Jared Padalecki!

    After watching the first time this film I loved it immediately. I don't care what anyone says I love this film. I did not saw the original film before but even for a remake the bloody violent horror film did a good job on his way. I loved the twist! One of my favorite actors is in this film Tom Atkins (The Fog, Maniac Cop), gosh I loved him in Maniac Cop, the second time my favorite actor dies in the horror genre slasher film! Jansen Ackles didn't die because a lot of us Jansen Ackles fans did not want to see him die. I am happy that director did not killed of his character. It was GREAT to see a horror movie that is not shy about getting gory and violent and nude... and that just has a damn good time with itself, which makes it all that much more fun to watch. Patrick Lussier did a great job as director and editor in this film. All credits goes to him for making such an awesome horror slasher flick. They even did not copy the original film, but making their own story with the different twist on the end.

    The remake still makes a nice effort to remake a classic horror tale that is worth at least a viewing by any horror fan. The real star of this movie is the 3D effect and while I was skeptical I found this "gimmick" to be much better then I expected on home video. This film kept me on the edge of my seat as I watched the victims get "sliced and diced! This movie earns the title My Blood Valentine because right of the back you got blood and gore everywhere. The original title My Blood Valentine is barely any blood because it was in the 80's, so you couldn't get away with stuff like that. In the 80's where everybody coming down on your ass about that, probably got an X rating, a bit a surprise if they dig X rating, but now days blood and gore are stereotypical to horror movies so at least the title fits to this movie! Better than it did, in the original movie. Surprisingly I am complaining a bit a little about CGI blood, when I am watching it, I can see the CGI blood. Other than that, you got a good blood squibs, pretty good! Than this remake also does what the original did it confuses you to forgot who is actually the killer, is it Axel or certainly someone else? I am not going to say his name, but I like that! They kept that in there as well, cause in the original it didn't go out the way it did. In that movie, you have to pick a choose which one was the killer, because they were two of the men there and they both had a mine suits on. I pick mine but I was wrong It was the other one and I am not going to tell who it was, if you haven't seen the original.

    This one kind a flips flops, so instead been the guy from the original, it's the other guy. That is cool, that was a nice little switch. Person you think it should, it is not. Another good purpose in this remake. It is a pretty decent remake and I enjoy it much more than the original! How about that? I like it more than the original wow?!

    The basic plot about this film is: My Bloody Valentine takes place ten years after a devastating coal mining accident when a string of gruesome murders plague a small town.

    My Bloody Valentine 3D is a 2009 American horror film, and a remake of the 1981 Canadian slasher film of the same name. The film was directed and edited by Patrick Lussier, and stars Jensen Ackles, Jaime King and Kerr Smith. The film had a 3D theatrical release.

    9/10 Grade: B+ Studio: Lionsgate Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Kevin Tighe, Tom Atkins Director: Patrick Lussier Producer: Jack L. Murray Screenplay: Zane Smith, Todd Farmer, John Beaird Story: Stephen Miller Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hr. 41 Mins. Budget: $15.000.000 Box Office: $51.527.787
  3. Davis P, 2 months ago
    My bloody valentine the remake is a pretty good time, it does have its flaws, but all in all, it delivers on its promises. One thing I didn't like was the extremely graphic sexual content and full frontal nudity, there is even a pretty prolonged scene featuring full frontal female nudity the whole time, I just thought was overload. Also, the gore got to be a little too much, some of the killings were just like oh my god I need to cover my eyes LOL. But other than that, the movie was actually pretty well written, the dialogue was a lot better than usual slasher movies. Jenson Ackles is good in the lead, I thought that was a good casting decision. And the rest of the cast did a well enough job here too, they weren't like the run of the mill stupid horror movie characters, that sure is good to see. The cardboard cut out characters in modern day slasher films are getting pretty darn old! The ending was great! I really did enjoy the ending to this film, well not the very last like 30 seconds, when/if you watch it you'll understand what I'm talking about. The last 30 seconds are kind disappointing, but overall this is a pretty well made modern day remake of the 1981 original horror film. Unfortunately I cannot compare the 2 because I have not seen the 1981 version. 8/10, had to take off points for some of the overly graphic content.
  4. Syo Kennex, 2 months ago
    My Bloody Valentine is a 2009 horror film directed by Patrick Lussier, and written by numerous. Ten years after a bloody massacre that left 22 women, men and children dead, Tom returns to his hometown after witnessing the bloody attacks and almost being murdered himself. Upon his return, the same murders begin happening again, this time, targeting those that were present at the first massacre. Tom finds himself the prime suspect and must fight to prove his innocence.

    When I first saw this film advertised, back in 2009, I thought it was merely a rip off or a reboot of The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976). I never put much thought into it other than that, and didn't pay much attention to it, until today after my soulmate recommended it to me. I decided that, even if it was a bad film, it was something to watch and do whilst I cleaned the house.

    Instead, I ended up stuck to the couch, staring at my screen and trying to figure out what was going on, trying to follow the leads and the clues given to us, and just left in total awe. There's a really good story line in this with twists; you think you know who the killer is and then you're thrown for a loop. There's so many different routes this could have taken, it was brilliant to watch. It was a real adrenaline pumper, and honestly, other than the crappy CGI, I would have happily bought this film.

    Unfortunately, after an amazing ending scene, we are left with nothing explained, and the film being left on a cliff hanger. Personally, this annoyed me. I had many ideas as to why what happened did happen, but there was no explanation to any of it. It left it open, possible for a sequel, but with the context of the film, no decent sequel could have really been done. This was a real mood killer for me, and extremely annoying. After a very good film, I was left frustrated and confused, and this really ruined the film for me. A simple ten minutes afterwards, doing a summary of everything that happened, would have really worked well for this.

    The acting in this film was really well done, and Jensen Ackles is definitely an actor I am interested in, after seeing this. There were a few of his scenes that seemed a little overdone, but I feel that was more the cinematography in itself, rather than Ackles' acting. Jaime King is also an actress I would love to have a look at in more detail. Her acting in this really helped sell the film, and bring a bigger horror feel to it. Her acting left me with goosebumps, and had my heart thumping, experiencing her own terror on screen with her. Both leads, male and female, were absolutely spectacular, and I would love to see them lead another horror film in the future.

    Personally, I wish I had gone to see this when I came out, and seen it in 3D like it was meant to be seen in. I feel like this might have made me love it a little more, and maybe it would have been seven stars, but seeing it in 2D was good enough, in all honesty.

    Again, the only thing really about this was the ending, and it frustrated me so much, a film that I was going to give nine stars, ended up a six star review. This was a really good film, but the director and editor should have really looked more at the ending. It felt like the ending was rushed after it all, and I've said it before, but it was the most aggravating thing.

    All in all, it's a decent film, and I would recommend it to gore and psychological horror lovers, just not if you're one of those fans that really need a good ending to a film.