5.6 IMDb
12 May 2017 Release
$ 69 000 000 Budget
116 min Duration
Genres:Action, Comedy, Crime
Director:Seth Gordon
Writers:Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz
16 Votes

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In sun-kissed Emerald Bay, the vigorous Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon and Baywatch, his elite team of hand-picked and perfectly tanned lifeguards, protect the bay, keeping both sunbathers and beach lovers safe. However, this summer, two new eager trainees will join the demanding life-saving program, as well as an insubordinate former Olympic swimmer, who are all called to prove their worth on the lifeguard towers just on time when a new synthetic street drug begins to infest the Emerald Bay: the flakka. Without a doubt, this calls for some serious undercover teamwork action, as the badgeless heroes in spandex comb the beach for shady newcomers and nefarious entrepreneurs with hidden agendas of their own. Can Mitch's band save the bay?

Movie Comments

  1. themoxxy, 2 months ago
    I absolutely loved BAYWATCH!!! Despite a lot of critics calling it out for being horrible compared to what they were expecting, I could not disagree more to be honest! The movie was every thing from action-packed to extremely funny!!!

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR BAYWATCH 2!!!!! (which they should make considering their they made $176,928,652 and their budget was around $69,000,000)

    Thank you for the great movie!!!!!
  2. 851222, 1 month ago
    Greetings from Lithuania.

    You can summarize "Baywatch" (2017) in one sentence - exposition of good looking bodies and missed opportunities.

    I was really looking forward for this movie. Premise was great - it could have worked as good comedy. Unfortunately script of this movie is beyond anything that could have made this movie work - it has zero suspense, zero humor (not a single really funny moment during whole 2 hours) and lack of any creativity. Plot was beyond average.

    Overall, basically nothing worked in "Baywatch" because of very poor script. It is not a funny comedy and as some sort of action comedy it totally lacks any suspense or anything that resembles character development. Sure you don't watch movie like "Baywatch" for character development, but boy oh boy does it lack anything that resembles for a fun movie.

    Unfortunately "Baywatch" is one of the worst movies of 2017.
  3. Reno Rangan, 2 weeks ago
    In the 90s, when the original television series was aired, I was just a kid. Then it was too sexy, that I was not allowed to watch. The world has changed so much all these years. I always wanted to see that, but never had a chance. Now a film, possibly a new franchise if it all goes well. There were lots of expectations on it, but the film did not deliver that. Yet they have already announced a sequel.

    The bay security team is now recruiting new members. Three joins as the trainee after the tryout. Within a few days, a couple of suspicious deaths happen in the bay. The cops are not worried to solve it, but the Baywatch team jumps in and starts their own investigation. That leads them to a dangerous territory. From there, how they deal with it was revealed with some action-thriller.

    Pumped up body, starring alongside a current top star, nothing is working for Zac Efron. He's just an accidental actor, won't survive long, unless he turns it all his way like Ben Afflect did. On the other hand, Dwayne was awesome. All the other actors too. Priyanka was not ideal for such role. Because an Indian in a negative role for an American film, nah, it does not work. India keeps all the thugs and sends only engineers, doctors, scientist et cetera to the foreign lands. A Chinese or a Russian villain works better.

    No suspense. Everything was open from the beginning itself. Some of the comedies were good, but some were most absurd. Especially, I did not like the storyline. The Bay security force not doing their job, but police work. It goes completely out of the frame. It's okay doing same within their enclosure, but the film entered beyond that. Thus, the film missed to cover the beach events as what the title had promised. I hope the sequel would fall in line.

  4. Di Bobi, 2 weeks ago
    The guys are shredded and shirtless yet the women are all covered up because now it's offensive to objectify women. But at the same time - clearly very okay to objectify men in order to pander and sell the movie.

    The target audience is clearly middle-aged single women. The 'jokes' and everything about this movie was horrific. All it has is a still-recognizable title because of the 90's show with the same name.

    Just awful. Good job.