2 Fast 2 Furious

5.9 IMDb
3 June 2003 Release
$ 76 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
Countries:USA, Germany
5 Votes

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Brian O'Conner has left LA due to his illegal actions from the first movie and now soars the streets of Miami making money here and there by street racing. Watched by Customs Agent Monica Fuentes, Brian is caught by the police and is given a deal by Agent Markham and Bilkins to go undercover and try to bring down drug lord Carter Verone in exchange for his criminal record to be erased. Brian agrees but only if he is given permission to choose his partner. Brian heads home to Barstow, California where he recruits an old friend Roman Pearce to help him. Pearce agrees but only for the same deal Brian was offered. With the help of Monica, Brian and Rome work together to take down Verone.

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Movie Comments

  1. Ethan Jones, 2 months ago
    Directed by John Singleton

    Starring Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson and Eva Mendes

    ​ Plot Overview: Set after the events of 'The Fast and the Furious', we see Brian O'Connor(Paul Walker), who has relocated to Miami to start over, get pulled back in by the FBI to stop a drug lord and hopefully wipe his record.


    Overall: I'm fine with shutting my brain off to enjoy a movie. Even after doing that, this movie is bland, dull, contains no interesting action or moments, and a severely uninteresting story. I will say that the overall tone has been improved and it doesn't feel depressing and sour like the original but aside from that there were no major strengths to the film. Some acting was fine but non of the characters stood out or were particularly memorable. That actually pretty sums up the majority of this movie well. Nothing was depressingly awful but by the same token nothing was remarkably impressive or good. Nothing stood out in the movie and nothing, except for the tone, felt like a genuine improvement or something that would benefit the series. So, to sum up, it was average.

    The types of people who will enjoy this movie will be fans of cars and maybe some fans of its predecessor.

    Wouldn't Recommend.


    Paul Walker was fine as Brian O'Connor. Tyrese Gibson was alright as Roman Pierce but this role is no different to any role he plays and it doesn't distinguish him from... anything. Eva Mendes was here and that pretty much sums up her acting ability. Cole Hauser was very weak as Carter Verone. The villain was very weak and didn't have any interesting qualities.

    The story was very weak and the ending was very unsatisfying.

    The cinematography was fine. The race scenes were really poorly done.

    Both the set and costume design were fine. They weren't anything special and I don't think they put much effort in but it's clear there was SOME effort put in it.

    I will say that this film improved the overall tone of the movie and the inclusion of Roman Pierce was critical change. Aside from that, the action was weak and the set pieces were really, really, really bland. I know this was still technically before this became a franchise famous for set pieces but what we got here was even worse than the original.

    The music was alright.

    Personally, I don't enjoy this movie and feel like it was a step back in the overall franchise.


    Wouldn't Recommend
  2. BlackTalon170, 2 months ago
    Was Roman Pearce an alpha male? His Character Seemed Like He Was An Alpha Male.

    But this is not an ordinary delivery. The drivers are expected to drive at speeds ranging from 100 mph to jet-assisted takeoff velocities, which of course might attract the attention of the police, so the drug-lord has to arrange a 15-minute "window" with a corrupt cop, who he persuades by encouraging a rat to eat its way into his intestines.
  3. Thomas Drufke, 2 months ago
    I'm as big of a fan of the Fast & Furious as anybody, but there's no question the low point of the series is the 2nd and 3rd film. 2 Fast 2 Furious is in large part just a complete rehash of the first film, but without the fun action and fun cheesy lines. The film attempts to do both of those, but fails miserably.

    Paul Walker is back as Brian O'Conner, the now former cop turned undercover agent, but instead of Dominic Toretto he's joined by Roman Pearce, played by Tyrese Gibson. Their chemistry is undeniable, but their acting? Yeah, it's not exactly Oscar caliber. Of course, I'm not expecting any of these movies to win academy awards, but I shouldn't cringe watching their acting for a good portion of the film. Eva Mendes also joins the cast this time, as a useless character that somewhat pines after O'Conner but is more or less just there as eye candy for the audience. Which pretty much describes the entire movie. It's nice to look at, but there's absolutely no point to this film.

    O'Conner & Pearce are hired by the FBI to infiltrate and take down criminal, Carter Verone, who plans to sell drugs and steal money, I think. We don't learn much about Verone, and he's pretty much your standard prototypical B-movie villain. Again, those adjectives can describe the overall quality of the film, standard and prototypical. Besides an occasional drag race or bland action sequence, I'm not sure what's really happening in this film. Why do we even care?

    It's the worst acted, written, and directed of the entire series, by far. When I go back and watch Tokyo Drift that could change, but I remember liking this film more the first time I watched it. Despite looking kind of neat, the action is sub-par. And that's the centerpiece of this franchise. If you're not already selling the film on acting or story, then you need something to keep my attention. Oh, and there's also this random torture scene that doesn't fit in at all with the rest of the film tonally. 2 Fast 2 Furious is borderline unwatchable.

    +Beautiful locations & cars

    -But that amounts to nothing film-wise

    -Poor acting, writing, and directing

    -Rehash of the first film

  4. hugofanning, 1 month ago
    2 fast 2 furious? more like 2 slow and 2 serious. all I can say about this film.

    IMDb makes me write 2 lines, which is still more depth of story then this movie. Out of all the fast and furious movies this one was so boring it pushed me to write my very first review on this site. This movie is the exact opposite of its title. I'd go so far as to say not fast and not furious.