Fast & Furious

6.6 IMDb
12 March 2009 Release
$ 85 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Thriller
5 Votes

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Dominic Toretto, street racer-thief who's still wanted by both the law and some criminals he has crossed, decides to cut himself from everyone close to him including his girlfriend Letty. Later he learns Letty was killed in L.A. so he returns to find out what happened. Brian Conner, an undercover cop allowed Dom to escape instead of turning him in, now works for the FBI. He's been searching for a elusive drug dealer known as Braga. His trail leads him to the same man that Dom is looking for. It seems that Letty was working as a courier for Braga. When Braga searches for some new drivers, Dom and Brian put themselves forward. Dom wants to get to the man who killed Letty while Brian is looking for Braga.

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Movie Comments

  1. jacobjohntaylor1, 2 months ago
    I did not the like the first movie of The fast and the furious. I did like 2 fast 2 furious. I also liked fast the furious Tokyo drift. But this is better. Fast five is better. And Furious 7 is also better. This movie has a great story line. It also has great acting. It is very fast past. This is one of the best action movie of the last decade. 6.6 is a good ratting. But this is such a great movie that 6.6 is underrating it. If you like acting movies than you should see this movie. It is a great movie. You should see this movie. It is a great movie. I give it 9. It is so cool. If you like action movies you will like it. This is a very cool movie. See it.
  2. Ethan Jones, 2 months ago
    Directed by Justin Lin

    Starring Paul Walker, Vin Disel and John Ortiz

    ​ Plot Overview: When a crime brings them back to the mean streets of Los Angeles, fugitive ex-convict Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and agent Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) reignite their high-octane feud. However, when a common enemy rears his head, Dom and Brian must learn how to work together and trust one another in order to defeat him.

    If you still enjoy this franchise, and truly care about these character: don't watch this movie. It is by far the worst film in the franchise and contains so little enjoyment and substance that I honestly think it's unbelievably lucky that 'Fast Five' was made. I honestly can't stand this film. None of the actors are good, some are remotely passable but that is still being very generous. The 'action' and 'set pieces' are so awful that I honestly believe the Drift Race in 'Tokyo Drift' was more exciting that this. It's one of the most boring, dullest movies I've seen in a long time and contains no genuine enjoyment to warrant a recommendation. If you need any more reasons to avoid this atrocity, then I will go more in depth.

    Saying Vin Disel is a 'bad actor' was pretty generous for this movie. You could tell me he's a robot and I would completely believe you because he's one of the most dull, bland, barren, boring, emotionless, robotic actors that still work today. He can't emit any emotions other than HAPPY, ANGRY and MUMBLE-y. It amazes me he still gets work because I don't see what the appeal of him as an actor. Paul Walker was, to be fair, passable as Brian O'Connor but even then he was extremely basic and didn't do much to impress. John Ortiz was very weak as the Brauga. The villain in the movie was also incredibly weak.

    There is no real story that runs through this movie and any glimmer of hope that one might exist is locked in Torreto's car and put in front a train. The ending was pretty cool and looked very neat.

    Technically, this movie is immensely flawed. The cinematography was absolutely dreadful and the lighting was genuinely depressing. The editing was awful and it's some of the worst cinematography I've seen in a pretty long time. The effects were pretty nice but they weren't exactly a primary focus and didn't affect the quality of the movie.

    The main thing this movie needed to do was provide really good and enjoyable action/set pieces. This movie completely failed to do that. As stated before, I would rather watch Lucas Black face of against the 'Drift King' and would rather watch Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson drive out of a garage with 10,000 cars again than sit through the truly, truly awful action sequences in this movie.

    This movie tried to replace the 'fun moments' with 'dramatic moments' which I would normally be fine with but it was done so incredibly poorly. It wasn't needed for this type of film and just felt so forced and tacked on.

    In conclusion, there is a reason people don't refer to this movie when talking about the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. I can't say anyone should watch this movie because it just isn't worth the watch.


    Wouldn't Recommend
  3. CinemaCocoa, 2 months ago
    It is back to the beginning, back to familiar faces and a surprisingly serious tone for the series. But we still get a stupid naming committee. Yeah, Fast and Furious isn't at all confusing when looking back at the series, is it the first, second, third film? Who knows! What's wrong calling it The Fast and the Furious 4?

    To make things more unnecessarily complicated, Fast and Furious is a prequel/sequel, taking place after the first film but before the third film (so it should technically be No.1.5) due to Sung Kang's character Han returning to the series. Whether it acknowledges the second film or not is ambiguous.

    When running from the law begins to get to him, Dominic (Vin Diesel) is looking for revenge after a drug dealer kills his partner Letty. At the same time, the FBI is looking for the same man, spearheading the operation is a reinstated Brian O'Conner. Naturally, the way they must infiltrate this heroin ring is through the dealer's love for performance car racing. I'm happy to see the return of the moodier tone; this feels like a direct sequel to the first film rather than a spin-off or a parody. A lot of the film is set at night with deep shadows. They even made Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner bearable! His character is rejected from the others since the first film and he starts out as more of an anti-hero lawman. I was quite surprised at the apparent restraint at glorifying the cars themselves; the camera seems to linger less over them as the film ploughes through its exposition and story. Of course that could just be me desensitized to it … I have watched four of these films now! It still has the usual trappings, don't worry.

    It is ultimately a solid story and a decent sequel to the first film, if you liked The Fast and the Furious you shouldn't have any problem with this. This does make the series more traditional (persistent narrative) which is a shame; the reason I enjoy Tokyo Drift so much was that it offered a new direction for the franchise, an anthology franchise about driving, following different characters each time. But that's not the way to make money, but as it stands, this is good too.
  4. ryanskywalker-87402, 1 month ago
    The longer a franchise goes on, the more likely it seems to fall into one of two patterns. Lucky series continue to build on the strengths of their predecessors, adding to the good and removing the bad for an increasingly good experience. Unlucky series find something that works early on and stagnate, refusing to innovate for fear of losing their magic. Somehow, with Fast and Furious, the FF series straddles both of these patterns at the same time. Series' mainstay Brian O'Conner is back and is now a federal agent working to break up a cartel run smuggling ring in Los Angeles. However, when the same cartel kills Dominic Toretto's girlfriend Letty, Dom returns to his home turf and two reluctantly team-up to take down the bad guys.

    If that plot sounds familiar, there is a good reason, it is literally the plot of the first two movies sewn together. From the first you have Brian working undercover alongside Dom, the LA setting and the street races. From the second you have the bitter rivals forced to team up to bust up a drug operation. Despite the fact the the story takes zero steps forward narratively, the whole thing actually works. This is mostly because the series is starting to mature. Sure, the camera still clings to the rear-ends of half- naked women with a pubescent glee, but the dialogue is far superior to anything in the series so far, there is real character growth and the dramatic moments work more often then they don't. If you need an example, just take the scene in which Dom describes Letty to an interested cartel enforcer named Gisele, the scene is almost heart- breaking and is miles above anything found in the first three films.

    To match the stronger writing, the cast bring a better game as well. Paul Walker really hits his stride here, trading in his poor faux machismo for a more reserved, thinking attitude, giving room for Vin Diesel to handle the tough guy stuff. Both actors work great together and manage to sell the improved dialogue well. The action scenes still aren't amazing, but returning director Justin Lin steps his game up from Tokyo Drift and keeps things entertaining throughout, though the CGI has already started to age a few years out. The soundtrack is even a little better, still filled with loud and angry rap and rock, but better, less obnoxious song choices then entries past. The only thing not improved in the slightest is the villain, who is just another one-dimensional drug kingpin, seemingly the archenemies of good, honest street racers the world over. Fast and Furious may have lost the "the"s from the title, but is has gained some quality to its filmmaking and for the first time I can see why this series was able to become a tent-pole franchise. Here's hoping that as the next entry sheds more words from its title, it gains even more high caliber filmmaking.