China Salesman

3.8 IMDb
16 Jun 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Adventure, Crime
17 Votes

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A young Chinese resident is trying to earn big money in an absolutely illegal way. He trades in the sale of various, best-selling weapons, accompanying his illegal transfer to various states. Now he is considering an increase in the turnover of smuggled, lethal products. He is forced to visit the African continent to negotiate the issues of transporting goods to American and European lands. The arms trade is a profitable, but incredibly risky, activity. In spite of all the dangers, many competitors in this illegal area pass through the black market. Jan wants to outsmart all rivals in the criminal business. It is almost impossible to do this and it is mortally dangerous. Unyielding struggle for primacy is unleashed. Enjoy watching China Salesman online in HD quality for free and without registration.

Gradually, the confrontation grows into a real carnage, which takes the lives of a huge number of innocent citizens caught in the way of bandits. A bloody war is being fought for millions of dollars. Jan is developing a clever plan to eliminate the main, influential competitor, and is trying to implement it. He could not assume that all his actions, calculated to the smallest detail, become known to the opponent. He is facing difficult challenges to break free from the infernal captivity in an effort to get rich, because he is going to act on the territory belonging to the enemy. This fact is the main reason for the current unsuccessful situation. He comes to the negotiations, deciding the future fate. Everything goes not according to plan, the guy loses consciousness, receiving a sudden blow to the head. Then incredible, unpredictable things happen.

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