4.3 IMDb
8 Oct 2017 Release
Genres:Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
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The life of the purposeful and industrious Helen was completely destroyed after the mysterious suicide of her husband. The first time after the tragedy, the girl tried to concentrate on the work of the engineer, driving all black thoughts. But one of them still roused the life of a lonely young lady, causing her to commit murder. The bitter regret of what had happened had knocked Helen so badly that she was ready to do everything possible to correct the mistake. Enjoy watching Curvature online in HD quality for free and without registration.

A unique opportunity to return to the past was to help the girl get rid of the oppressive feelings of guilt. But for this she had very little time, and there was not a single chance of a mistake or failure. And Helen had to do only what she had come to the past for, forgetting her own problems. Because choosing from two evils, she had no right to go the easy way. Although the mystery of the death of a beloved man still haunted Helen, forcing him to fight for the hidden truth with all his might. And she did not have to count on help from outside.

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