6.6 IMDb
11 September 2017 Release
Genres:Drama, Horror, Thriller
18 Votes

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The calm and happy life of a large family is disturbed by a serious illness of the mother. Children with horror watch as the mother slowly dies. Two brothers and two sisters understand that the death of the mother will be followed by the breakup of the family. The society will not allow them to be together, having scattered on different shelters. A terrible moment comes. Children themselves bury their beloved mother and decide to leave their home. Having collected the most necessary things they run away from home and stumble upon an abandoned farm. The building is quite suitable for living. The guys are inspired - the main thing is that they are together. But a few days later, in a house so cordially greeted by them, terrible things begin to happen. Not only kids, but adults feel an overwhelming fear. Some kind of force does everything to drive away uninvited guests.

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