Lucknow Central

6.1 IMDb
14 Sep 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama
17 Votes

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In the Indian town there lives a young man, not different from the others. Perhaps nicer, more fun, and with excellent vocal data. He went in for sports, music, and looked after beautiful girls. Once in the settlement there was a monstrous crime, in which, by coincidence, Kishen was accused. Enjoy watching Lucknow Central online in HD quality for free and without registration.

His justifications the representatives of the court session do not take into account, the court recognizes the guy guilty of the incident. The prosecutor pronounces the last speech, and the fate of the young man breaks, the judge announces the supreme penalty. He is sent to a well-known prison, where the prisoners wait for years for the execution of the sentence. Activist Gayatri organizes a music contest in Lucknow...

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