Looking Glass

4.5 IMDb
16 Feb 2018 Release
Countries:Canada, USA
21 Votes

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After experiencing a great grief, the spouses Ray and Maggie decide to start a new life in a new place, for which they move to live in another city. They buy a motel, located in the middle of the desert, where all travelers will find shelter. The old motel needs repairs and the spouses are accepted for the arrangement of the dwelling. Ray and Maggie are very hopeful that a new place and new business will help them cope with the problems in the relationship and will start a new stage of life.

However, the new life started did not change anything, and the problems between Ray and Maggie remained the same. Misunderstanding and quarrels have not disappeared anywhere, which greatly complicates the lives of spouses. That's just much more problems added to the looking glass found in the motel in one of the rooms, through which you can watch everything that happens in the room. In addition, the murder of one of the guests even more confuses what is happening in a small town.

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