Despicable Me 3

6.3 IMDb
14 June 2017 Release
$ 80 000 000 Budget
90 min Duration
Genres:Animation, Action, Adventure
Director:Kyle Balda
Writers:Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio
17 Votes

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Balthazar Bratt, a child star from the 1980s, rises to power and wants world domination. As Gru and Lucy Wilde attempt to stop him from stealing the largest diamond in the world, they fail as he flies away. Gru and Lucy are fired by Valerie Da Vinci from the AVL, and are jobless. As Agnes tries to sell things to get money, Gru receives news he has a twin brother. He flies to Dru's location, but finds out he is a more successful and rich super villain. Dru wants Gru to team up for one more heist, which he gives in to. Without Lucy knowing, they plan to steal the largest diamond in the world from Bratt, as the Minions get themselves in prison.

Movie Comments

  1. Sean Lamberger, 2 months ago
    Gru, his family and the minions are back to make a new friend and confront a new foil. This time, the opposition is former child star Balthazar Bratt, stranded deep in the 1980s, who takes out frustrations about an ancient sitcom cancellation on jewel owners and Hollywood big-spenders alike. Played with energy by Trey Parker and swathed in a dense cloak of pop culture references, Bratt brings a fresh new dynamic to the franchise that gives this third installment just enough of a boost to feel necessary. Most of those cultural winks were completely lost on my kids, of course, but they still appreciated his silly wardrobe, fly dance-fighting moves and crafty arsenal of unlikely weapons. There's a side story with Gru's forgotten twin brother Dru (both played by Steve Carell, of course), and a sweet arc that finds Kristin Wiig's special agent Lucy seeking a relationship with the reformed villain's three girls, but those feel like slight retreads and don't have the new criminal's panache. Clearly, Illumination was having a good time with Bratt, while the other plot threads were more like obligations. It's fun, with some great bits of physical comedy and a necessary return to the heartstring-plucking of the first film, though overall it lands in somewhat shallow waters. An improvement over the underachieving Despicable Me 2, if not quite up to the original's snuff.
  2. sirwillisiv, 2 months ago
    Despicable Me 3 is all colors and slapstick; perfect for kids, but nothing special for older audiences and casual moviegoers. Like most sequels, the story is uninspired, utilizing plot devices that have been explored far too many times and don't have any original spins or sentiment whatsoever. However, the animation is still superb and I really enjoyed South Park's Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt. He's quirky, energetic and boasts inventive villainy techniques. I also have a soft spot for 80s glam tunes, so I can forgive the licensed music. The Minions are still irritating, though.
  3. Arun Kumar, 1 month ago
    Honestly, this movie is an average one well..... below average. There's very little comedy and the story also doesn't provide us enough content to be engaged. Even the comedy performed by the minions seems stupid and without laughs most of the time. The first two movies of Despicable Me series were good but after that everything has fallen apart let it be Minions or this movie. Maybe it's time to end this series and look for a new one but that's just a personal opinion. Overall not so good.
  4. tortycat3-1, 1 month ago
    The first one had immense charm, the second was pretty good. This is just ghastly.

    What a waste of talent.

    Next time, if there is one, think of an original plot and try some different writers. And stop recycling the same jokes!