Swing State

3.8 IMDb
3 February 2017 Release
Genres:Comedy, Music, Romance
12 Votes

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A bohemian Seattle DJ uses his on-air charisma to create a fictitious conservative radio personality becoming an overnight sensation.

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Movie Comments

  1. angtimm, 1 week ago
    Rented this because of some of the has been actors. The story is nothing short of ridiculous. It is absurd but not in a funny way in a really childish stupid way. The writer of this film seems simple. The script and the characters have no complexity. I get that it's supposed to be satirical but the writing is just so bad it's a movie with a dumb plot and no humor. It was tough to watch these actors struggle under such poor direction and with such a flimsy script. Attempted to watch this in one sitting but had to punish myself and my boyfriend by drawing out the pain over two sittings. Hope the writer has some other job because writing is not his or her strong suit. And the actors should really retire or do tanning salon commercials or Nutribullet infomercials. No talent in any area of this movie.
  2. movieking, 1 week ago
    This was the worst film I have ever seen. I saw it at a terrible LA film festival so should have known. The acting was awful; the writing was worse. I don't know whose idea it was to cast a bunch of washed up celebrities in a movie and think that would either make it good (it didn't) or make it worth seeing (it wasn't). The plot was not funny, so whatever stupid one liners existed fell flat. It was a really dumb film and it's sad that the industry supports real BS like this film and not quality stuff. The music was really bad and really distracting and the sound quality was poor. This film has nothing going for it. Posting this review so you save your money.
  3. slaw-89071, 1 week ago
    I rented this movie after seeing an interview with the writer/director Jonathan Sheldon. There were two red flags during the interview and I should have heeded the warnings. The first is that Sheldon is painfully inarticulate. He repeatedly referred to things as "Molotov Cocktail-like". I did not hold this against him until I saw the movie and realized that inarticulate did in fact translate to an unintelligent and terribly crafted script. Secondly, in the interview, Sheldon had the audacity to compare his film to Tootsie. I'm an old guy, so I got the reference, but for the younger crowd, Tootsie is probably considered one of the top fifty comedies of all time. For Sheldon to compare his ridiculous, poorly acted, poorly directed film to one of the best movies of all time is insulting to cinephiles, writers, directors, actors and those who are intelligent. Swing State might make a top fifty list, but it is more likely the top fifty worst political comedies of all time. I urge you not to spend money renting this movie. It is insulting in every regard.