When We First Met

6.5 IMDb
9 February 2018 Release
$ 10 000 000 Budget
16 Votes

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Noah spends the perfect first night with Avery, the girl of his dreams, but gets relegated to the friend zone. He spends the next three years wondering what went wrong - until he gets the unexpected chance to travel back in time and alter that night - and his fate - over and over again.

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Movie Comments

  1. jan pieter mook, 1 week ago
    Started the film, thinking it was just another groundhog day ripoff, but was extremely pleasantly surprised in the course of the film. There are some genuine laughs and a slow and unexpected turn of events. Lovely actors and a nice story.... Just watch it. It's a romkom, but you will be pleasantly surprised...
  2. viniciusmirandaaa, 1 week ago
    I watched the mpvie thinking it will be good.I had a couple Laughs with Noah,Carrie,Avery,Max,Ethan and Phil and the plot twist surprised me. I highly recomend,even it is cliche.
  3. dhaha-18101, 1 week ago
    Honestly, I went into this movie with low expectations, and I came out pleasantly surprised and amused. I like Adam Devine, especially his work in Workaholics, and find him quite funny. Alexandra Daddario, in my most humble opinion, is such a total BABE; so fine omg. Anyway, I digress; this movie was just super wholesome and left you with a good warm feeling when you finished it. Sure it was cliche at moments and you could basically predict the plot if you're an avid movie watcher, but I don't think that takes away from the movie in general. If you came into this movie expecting an oscar-winning crazy complex contemporary movie that made you really think about it's major themes and underlying messages then I'm sorry but you're going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you go into this movie with an open mind, a fun mood, and some popcorn, I believe you will come to enjoy this movie for what it is: a Wholesome Feelgood Romcom.
  4. Hayden Smith, 1 week ago
    When We First Met is a sweet, charming movie about who people are really meant for.

    Noah, played immaculately by Adam Devine, gets the chance to travel back in time to persuade Avery, the girl of his dreams, to fall in love with him.

    As the time travels increase, the comedy escalates and escalates, creating a subversion of the cliché conventions. The movie encompasses so much twists and turns, creating a modern love story.

    In his most gorgeous role yet, Adam portrays Noah as an awkward and friendly guy, transforming his role from what could have been a creepy stalker, into a sweet protagonist, hopeful for love. Adam injects the perfect amount of humour and heart into his performance, demonstrating a true vulnerability to Noah.

    This movie ends in such a beautiful note about life and love, with the whole cast having amazing chemistry together!