Brain on Fire

6.6 IMDb
14 September 2016 Release
Genres:Biography, Drama
Countries:Ireland, Canada
16 Votes

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The film follows the harrowing experience of a writer struggling with a rare neurological disease from when she first suffers symptoms to the many attempts at diagnosing it and the eventual discovery of the real cause of her illness. Based on the book, 'Brain On Fire', the true story of Susannah Cahalan, a journalist for the New York Times.

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Movie Comments

  1. Robert W., 1 week ago
    This was my TIFF experience this year so I got to experience the World Premier along with the cast in Toronto. The film is breath taking and not from an entertainment standpoint though in a way it is that too. This film tells an incredible true story about a terrifying experience and disease and it is told well with little dramatic flare I think. Some professional reviews from the premier were very harsh and I personally don't understand it.

    I have always been a fan of Chloe Grace Moretz and her performance isn't perfect because there are times where she struggles to really pull off the realism but she is really good at demonstrating how great Suzanna's life was and how quickly it deteriorated and how much she struggled. She does her very best work showing Suzanna at her most extreme low point. She is believable and heart wrenching. I actually think with what I've seen this year, she deserves her first Oscar nomination for her performance. Tyler Perry was actually amazing as her boss. It's not a big role but honestly it was best supporting material in my opinion and I'm not a Tyler Perry fan. There was something genuinely moving about his performance. Her parents played by Richard Armitage (who apparently has a huge fan base?) and Carrie-Ann Moss do a solid job. Carrie Ann-Moss feels a bit out of place and Armitage really plays up the outbursts of emotion from a father where it is almost borderline campy unfortunately. Neither one of them are big home runs in my book but they do a good job and Moretz saves them both. Jenny Slate was really good in a small role as her best friend and Thomas Mann was also very good as her love interest Stephen. I also think Mann might have been miscast and yet he does a good job.

    I get why some critics might be harsh against this. I don't think they picked the likely cast or the ones who were maybe shoe-ins but the cast they did pick do great. The director Gerard Barrett has done a great job here. He doesn't have a lot of experience but I think he did this film with great respect and thought behind it and truly wanted to not dramatize the film and tell the story and make people aware of the medical issues behind this. I though it was a moving and strong film with a great message, good performances, and an absolute must see! 8.5/10
  2. jhs-99-390949, 1 week ago
    When I looked up this movie at first I was skeptical, due to the reviews on this website..... Boy were they wrong ! This is a hell of a movie, the acting is superb. During this movie I got so angry at the doctors, because this is how that world really works. Not only is it based on actual events, it highlights all that is wrong in the medical world today. The movie is enlightening to say the least. Watch this movie and make up your own mind! Don't always look at reviews, as clearly they can be dead wrong!
  3. M Moghees Tahir, 1 week ago
    Let me start by stating I gave this movie a 10. OK.. may be got too excited but it doesn't deserve anything less than a 8. The negative comments are beyond my understanding. The story is based on true events. So obviously the end of the movie will depict what happened in reality. But I loved the ending. you have to watch this. The acting done by every one specially Chloe and the Dad was simply amazing. The direction of the movie was great. Gives you something to watch. You stay hooked to this movie till the end. I mean for me i wish the movie was a bit longer. It ended too soon. If I'm not wrong, I think they call it giving depth to the character. And that has been done brilliantly in this movie. No spoilers. But its a much watch. Ignore the negative comments and the low rating. If nothing, I Promise you once your done, u would have learned something new about medical science. But that is just an understatement.