The Post

7.2 IMDb
22 Dec 2017 Release
$ 50 000 000 Budget
Genres:Biography, Drama, History
Countries:UK, USA
55 Votes

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The movie "The Post" begins to develop in the very beginning of the seventies of the last century. In the US, society is dissatisfied with the war in Vietnam. The editor of The Washington Post and the publisher receive classified materials related to the military conflict. They reveal many horrific aspects that can cause shock even among the most prepared readers.

The editor and publisher are sure that the public should know the truth, therefore they immediately publish documents classified by the Ministry of Defense of the country. The situation is causing the public a real shock. But who is really behind the disclosure of information? They are a former State Department official who is opposed to the war. Having received a lot of secret information, he realized that the presidential administration blatantly lied to society and even to Congress. In the meantime, the public is studying the findings, government officials are trying to stop their distribution and even hand over the case to the Supreme Court, hoping to sue the publication.

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