7.7 IMDb
19 January 2004 Release
$ 1 200 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Horror, Mystery
8 Votes

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Waking up in a undisclosed location in a unknown room two men, adam and gordon are trapped into a single room with a dead body. Given random tools with riddles hidnen around the room. Wondering who could have done this there are clues to who might of done it; the jigsaw killer. The question is not just who but why would a serial killer leave two men in a room. Both adam and gordon hiding secrets they must trust and work together to get out or die...can they survive jigsaws game or die trying?

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Movie Comments

  1. lorcan-61881, 2 months ago
    When Saw came out,I remember everybody was talking about it,from school friends to even adults on the street and when I went to see it,literally the god damn cinema workers were just there,not talking about bills or events,they were talking about the god damn Saw movie and saying it was so creepy and gory,now..that dose'int happen too much. Saw follows the story of two strangers(or are they?)who wake up in a abandoned bathroom with no explanation of where they are,but when they begin to find clues to getting out,they realize that everything is linked to a sadistic serial killer who sets traps for his victims who have done wrong. Saw is a brilliant film,James Wan knows how to create horror,hes brilliant at it,its not zombies or witches or little Asian ghost girls,he can make a awfully low budget horror film and it will be the most scariest horror film ever(Insidious,The Conjuring as well as the sequels,ehhh,heloooooooo?). There are scenes in this film are stupidly so good because I love how smart Wan is,he can just make a brilliant horror film that will have people talking for years with literally just a click,every other horror director puts so much effort in to horror films and it just ends up being so awful and cheesy,even if Wan dose not create a awesome horror film(which,i hope not,is yet to come),he dose'int give two sh*ts,hes just like "all right,lets move on". Saw is an amazing horror film I advice you to see. I will be reviewing the next 6 Saw's,hopefully before Sunday after I see JIgsaw,the new film and yes,these are parts of my Halloween reviews!!
  2. renofhate, 2 months ago
    The first in the series. Not only is it the first of what would eventually become eight films as of 2017, but to this day Saw remains the most re-watchable, most terrifying and most unique of its entire franchise. This doesn't necessarily mean the other Saw films are irrelevant, it's just that they're nowhere near as good as the first movie (well, the second one is close behind). Despite its graphic nature and the gruesome scenes, the psychological aspects of Saw are what make it truly haunting. It's one of those movies that throws surprises at you and gives twists at more than one turn. It's something more than your generic, everyday horror movie or basic gorefest.

    One interesting thing about the movie is its ending. I remember the very first time I watched it and I was somewhat intrigued. In fact, the remaining minutes of the film are perhaps my favorite scenes. They're just executed so damn good. Nothing seems off and there aren't many flaws or things I dislike about the movie. I guess it's a little bit slow at times, but that's fine. The plot's good, it's eerie and different, the acting's good, its ending is brilliant, the villain's fantastic, and it spawned a successfully great sequel. The other films, while not as good, are still watchable. However they aren't anything like the first installment...

  3. TheLittleSongbird, 1 month ago
    Finally saw all the 'Saw' films prior to seeing 'Jigsaw' (as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible this year, during a quieter and less intensive period). Heard a lot about the films, good and bad, but wanted to see them for myself to know what to expect.

    The films as an overall series are a very mixed bag. The first 'Saw' is very problematic but is one of the better films of the 'Saw' series. It is very easy to see why people will dislike it, and no it is not because of the full throttle horror-like elements that are not for the faint hearted. Some of the story is ridiculous with large lapses in logic, Danny Glover's character's actions will have one screaming in frustration at the television screen. Some of the script is tight, other parts are half-baked and silly and Elwes' character's back-story had some taut tension but that it had some melodramatic parts with frustrating character behaviour.

    Some of the acting is not good. Cary Elwes seems to be thinking like he's acting in a very over-heated melodrama that would have been out of date even in the period when they were in fashion. Danny Glover's performance is also a mess, with a mix of over-compensating and not looking interested. Even for the film's mood, some of the editing is chaotic.

    However, for a film that didn't have a high budget 'Saw' visually doesn't look too bad on the whole, effective even. There is a real sense of unsettling claustrophobia induced in the lighting, setting and photography. Music has its eeriness.

    Not everybody fares badly in the acting. Michael Emerson has an unnerving presence and Monica Potter and Leigh Whannell also do a decent job. Then there is Tobin Bell, not easy to forget him after this film. James Wan does more than competently in the director's chair, even with the inexperience.

    Despite its ridiculousness, the story is also edge-of-your-seat and highly atmospheric. There is genuine dread, some truly imaginative traps and kills and much of it throughout is disturbing and creepy. 'Saw' is notable in particular not just for the traps/kills but also for its bold twists, the character of Jigsaw (the modus operandi, impulse and justification setting him apart from most characters of his type) and an unforgettably shocking ending.

    Overall, very problematic but effective. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  4. iliendo, 1 month ago
    This movie... just wow. When the movie starts, you will be just as confused as the characters in the scene. Like them, you just don't know whats up at that point. Slowly but surely the film unfolds itself revealing detail after detail but not enough to understand whats happening. It keeps you on the edge of your seat just begging for more information just to figure out what's happening, who is doing the crazy stuff and most importantly: why it's happening.

    What I love about this movie is the blend of gore and the time they take to tell the story. It gives you something horrible to look at just to shock you and then it gives you some time to let it sink in by continuing the story. I wouldn't mind a little more gory scenes just to balance it out between the two.

    Speaking of the gore, the stuff they come up is amazing. How they think of such messed up stuff is beyond my imagination. Especially the complexity of things, they cover up every single detail you and the characters can think off. The genius of it all: they actually don't show you a lot of graphic stuff. Sure they show some blood here and there. But when stuff really gets down, they just show you the reactions on the face of the characters. This makes it even scarier to watch, you can just feel the emotion in their faces crawling through your skin.

    The editing in the movie is hit or miss depending on the scene. Sometimes the camera just moves and panes around like a stereotypical horror movie. And other times the frame rate is sped up which makes the movie feel like a mid 2000 movie. But most of the time the editing is fine and you won't be bothered by it.

    Maybe it's me but the acting didn't seem that great to be honest. Most of the time it's decent to watch, but some of the time (especially at the beginning of the movie) it's just plain robotic.

    My advice: if you love a movie with some gore which keeps you on the edge of your seat, watch the movie. If you hate gore at any level, you might want to skip this one.