7.3 IMDb
2 Sep 2017 Release
$ 39 000 000 Budget
Genres:Adventure, Drama, Western
38 Votes

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This movie tells about the time when between immigrants from Europe and local Indian tribes there was a war. Once the land of America was divided among themselves by numerous tribes of Indians, who lived according to their own laws, made friends among themselves, feuded occasionally, made alliances, but as a whole, tried to live in unity with nature. Enjoy watching Hostiles online in HD quality for free and without registration.

They were very brave, but naive and gullible, and in this way, experienced in treachery and intrigue to white people, it was not particularly difficult to deceive large areas in fraudulent ways. And where deception did not reach its goal, there was a bloody confrontation between the native population and the newcomers from Europe. This film tells the story of an American soldier, Captain Bloker, who hated the Indians with all the fibers of his soul and who fought against them for several years. The meeting of the captain and the unhappy woman, in whom the Indians killed the children, did not add to him pity for the local population.

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