6.7 IMDb
24 January 2018 Release
Genres:Action, Drama
22 Votes

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A logger defends his family from a group of dangerous drug runners.

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Movie Comments

  1. pmatthewk, 2 weeks ago
    The movie started off great, some parts were slow; however, as it started to climax, the poor & unrealistic writing left me so frustrated that I had to fast forward through a few scenes. There were just so many occasions where the protagonists could have grabbed the gun or made another extremely logical/simple decision to end the crew of bad guys. I'm surprised that none of the actors (Jason, etc.) protested of the unrealistic writing. I'm sure its difficult as an actor to be forced, by the writing, to pick up an axe over the automatic weapon sitting right next to it in a scene where you're defending your dad/wife, etc. from a bunch of guys coming at you with automatic riffles. Seriously, how does this nonsense go unchecked?
  2. Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg), 2 weeks ago
    Stunt coordinator Lin Oeding turned director did a fairly decent job with the camera, but lousy on the editing, as some scenes were too dragged out. The 94 min length should have been edited down and the pace picked up for a length of 75-80 mins. He also failed to direct his cast properly, as some actors looked lost in certain scenes.

    But the main problem with this film was the amateur first-time writing/screenplay by both Michael Nilon and Thomas Pa'a Sibbett. You would think when there's almost as many producers for this film as there are cast members, an investment towards the writing could have been applied to re-adapt the screenplay to rid it of major plot issues and unrealistic scenes, and perhaps a better score.

    The acting was clearly C+ to B grade, with Jason Momoa, Jill Wagner, Teach Grant and little Sasha Rossof being the only ones convincing in their roles.

    This is by no means a big screen Hollywood production, and if you can get past the amateur writing, and take in the breathtaking Newfoundland scenery, it's a fun lazy Sunday popcorn flick.

    It's a 7/10 from me.