4.7 IMDb
9 June 2016 Release
Genres:Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
11 Votes

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A man whose life was destroyed by nuclear war wakes up in a parallel universe where his pregnant wife and everyone he loves are still alive. The only person standing between him and the life he wants is someone he cannot face: the man he used to be.

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Movie Comments

  1. ilesaredogs, 2 weeks ago
    As title says, bicycledays reviewed another movie. Either that or has only seen one movie, this one, and hence has absolutely nothing to go on. They make a comment about shortening the first 20 minutes to 5, well the whole movie could be shortened to 5. Such a complete waste of time. The only thing out of this movie is that it could well be a drinking game along with Lethal Weapon's Danny Glover saying "Son of a b***h" and HIMYM's Cobie Smulder's saying "But Um", and others, but at least you enjoy those. For this movie it's when the lead give a expressionless bland dumb look in almost every shot. Trust me, this game will send you to hospital with alcohol poisoning......