The Truth About Lies

5.3 IMDb
27 October 2017 Release
Genres:Comedy, Romance
18 Votes

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Gilby Smalls is having a meltdown. He's just been fired from his job, lost his apartment in a fire and his girlfriend gave him the boot. And it's only Wednesday. Now, at the ripe old age of thirty-something, he is forced to move in with May, his booze-swindling man-obsessed mother. This is the last straw. Gilby's life is bleak until best friend Kevin drags him to a family get-together, where he meets Rachel, Kevin's very beautiful but very married sister. Rachel is the very thing Gilby needs to get his life back on track. Desperate to impress her, Gilby starts to weave a web of lies; one bigger than the next. Now in a sticky mess, Gilby is forced to face the uncomfortable truth about himself before he can find a way out of his very own Lies. The Truth About Lies explores the potent role lying plays in relationships and life with some surprising results!

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Movie Comments

  1. alannakouri, 2 weeks ago
    I am already a fan of romantic comedies so I may be biased but I think The Truth About Lies stands apart from the sea of typical rom-coms that are out. The main elements that stood out to me are the dynamic cast and unique, witty writing.

    The movie has this type of humor that is both quirky and at times, reminiscent of 500 Days of Summer. They managed to avoid the dreaded curse of cheesiness that most romantic comedies succumb to. They pulled off a perfect equilibrium between comedy and relationships which can be appreciated by more than just the "chick-flick" genre lovers. While keeping the writing quick and humorous, the story included real issues, which is rare for comedies. Cheating, lying, and getting your life together are all things everyone can relate to or has experienced at one point. Ironically, it was very honest for being a movie centered on lies.

    As I said, the cast is also a large part of the hilarity of this movie. Fran Kranz' comedic background is evident in his portrayal of the quirky, awkward male lead. The chemistry between him and Odette Annable was very easy to believe and more likable than a lot of unrequited love stories. It was easy to root for them despite the circumstances. I think the skilled cast in addition to the original writing made this movie one I would recommend to everyone.
  2. edwinkayee, 2 weeks ago
    The Truth About Lies was one of the most refreshing romantic comedies that I have seen in a long time. The film followed Gilby, a desperate and unemployed man whose life seems to be a constant trainwreck. In order to achieve success and to impress the woman of his dreams, he begins weaving an ever growing web of lies. The Truth About Lies kept me laughing from beginning to end! Gilby and his ridiculous antics as he tried to impress Rachel was extremely entertaining and fun to watch. Though the film is reminiscent of films such as "Liar, Liar" and "When Harry Met Sally", The Truth About Lies goes above and beyond. The hilarious one-liners and witty banter kept me engaged throughout the film and also excited about what writer/director, Phil Allocco, has left in store. But, besides seamlessly intertwining romance and comedy, the film also did a great of maintaining a level of "realness". I could empathize with Gilby because "adulting" can be extremely difficult and there are times when life really gets you down. I was extremely pleased with The Truth About Lies and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to have a good laugh!
  3. Amanda Nasc, 2 weeks ago
    The Truth About Lies is downright one of the most honest & entertaining films I have seen in a long time. Between the all-star cast and charismatic energy that each of them individually, this movie was truly a pleasure to watch. The director of the film, Phil Allocco, did a tremendous job of creating a fresh, unique script that not only held the attention of its audiences, but made them feel for the characters as human beings. The candor and frankness of Gilby's pessimistic demeanor is what I resonated most with to be honest. It seems when one unfortunate event occurs in life, several more follow and that is precisely what happens in the film. His journey of self- discovery complete with laughter-inducing mishaps is one that everyone can relate to. This film is charming, witty and just REAL. After discovering the numerous awards that it has won at various film festivals, it's easy to see why! I cannot recommend this film enough, and I will be looking forward to more projects by Mr. Allocco.
  4. andreat-54280, 1 week ago
    We all have those moments in life when everything starts falling apart. It feels like a things build up and your support system isn't there anymore. This film hits that on the head, Gilby (Fran Kranz) performance is believable, and you don't feel sorry for him but you just understand why things in life aren't going the way they should. The film does a great job of using situations as comedy and it's done in a sophisticated way. You don't feel forced to laugh while watching the film, it comes naturally similar to the blossoming relationship between Rachel (Odette Annable) and Gilby (Fran Kranz). Also, the chemistry between them is organic and grows throughout the movie. Considering their situation and that it is scandalous it's important that the relationship builds slowly. As a viewer, I found myself rooting for them to stay together because they charmed me as did the entire movie. Funny, surprising, and lovable. I highly recommend this interesting and hilarious take on a romantic comedy.