Espionage Tonight

6.3 IMDb
8 June 2017 Release
Genres:Action, Comedy
15 Votes

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In a reality TV show created by the U.S. government about spies, audiences go on fake undercover missions, but fact cannot be easily distinguished from fiction.

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Movie Comments

  1. co-rina, 2 weeks ago
    Didn't know what movie to watch so I came on IMDb and saw that this movie had a 7.8 rating. Story line seemed interesting. Started to watch it and after 25 minutes of pure boredom, I paused the film and came back here to read the reviews cause I didn't see nothing funny and the story was getting nowhere... This movie have only bad reviews...Don't understand the 7.8 rating. Don't watch this movie,it's a waist of you time.
  2. reejuballabh, 2 weeks ago
    First of all they tried to copy killing gunther but it didn't live up to that potential,even for a B grade film, It sucks. Don't waste time. There is too much nonsense dance and laughter that makes no sense, the whole film is a pile of garbage even the actors don't know what they are doing! Go home Rob Gordon Bralver you are drunk af.....
  3. Sawyer-4815162342, 2 weeks ago
    The opening scene of this movie is shot in extra-shaky cam, with fake looking CGI blood and terrible attempts at comedy. For example the main character references his erect penis in the first 3 minutes of the movie in an unfunny attempt at humor, then later uses the blood of a guy who's been shot to make "war paint" stripes under his eye in an unfunny attempt at humor.

    So I figured this would be spy comedy (perhaps poorly done but still a comedy.) I was wrong.

    I watched the next 45 minutes in utter boredom. I connected with none of the characters. I found nothing funny. The plot of a reality show about spies ended up being wasted with a really boring script. I honestly don't even think I'm going to be able finish this one, it's that bad.

    Not recommended. This movie makes "Killing Gunther" seem good in comparison.