The Student

5.0 IMDb
20 March 2017 Release
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After leading a jury to wrongly sentence a man, Abigail enters her new teaching job at the law school with a newfound commitment to ethics. When she takes over her new class, it includes Vincent, an intensely ambitious student who will do anything for an A. When Abigail fails him for academic dishonesty, Vincent threatens that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As Vincent's devious plot begins to unravel, she must take her life into her own hands, or Vincent will take it himself.

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Movie Comments

  1. Michael Ledo, 2 weeks ago
    Vance Van Sickle (Michael Blake) is a student in Abbey's (Alicia Leigh Willis) legal ethics class. He will do anything for an "A" except this isn't that type of movie. Vance's father was wrongfully convicted and committed suicide. Evidence was later revealed to exonerate him. Vance wants to make sure this never happens again. About halfway through the film we find out Abbey was a prosecutor in a similar case or you will know earlier if you read the film's quick description. Vance is an exceptional student, and when Abbey gives him a failing grade that will effect his scholarship....okay look at the DVD cover.

    The film was mediocre at best, something one might expect from a Lifetime production. For those that love those improbable faux dramas with border line dialogue and acting, this one has it all.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.