Crossing Point

5.0 IMDb
3 May 2016 Release
Genres:Action, Thriller
15 Votes

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A young American couple in love, Michael (Shawn Lock) and Olivia (María Gabriela de Faría) vacation in Baja, but things take a frightening turn when Olivia is kidnapped by a drug dealer, who demands that Michael smuggle a backpack full of cocaine-stolen from a rival cartel-over the border into the U.S. within twelve hours or else Olivia will be killed. A Tijuana Cop is on the trail, as Michael navigates the treacherous underworld of Mexico, and he himself becomes a force to be reckoned with...

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Movie Comments

  1. transoptical, 2 weeks ago
    I knew from the first scene that this was going to be worth watching. The cinematography was first class, tasty contrast and saturation, good lens selection. The opening required a bit of deciphering, but once in gear this puppy had me by the yarbles. The story line is somewhat boilerplate even if it is based on actual events, but the realization- art direction and direction were smart and poignant with 2 parallel plot lines. The street scenes, the panorama of Mexican border urban aesthetics, the grittiness, the twists, the humanity; all made for an immersive, reality-based bit of cinema. The Pedro character was worth the price of admission. I'm looking for more movies from this director/writer.
  2. IvanWong, 2 weeks ago
    Daniel Zirilli pack a mid-level action movies; the best of the cast is Jacob Vargas but also Shawn Lock is a good performance as lead star; Tom Sizemore instead appears in only three scenes but it's okay, Luke Goss instead only makes a cameo.Also the rest cast is good and Ryan Youngblood is the film antagonist, but Maria Gabriela De Farià have the sleazy role of the film. Here action there get enough and when it comes to this kind of film is already a lot since the film is based on this, given that the plot is not original enough...Good action scenes for a middle action movie but in its genre still watchable...Curiosity: the film was shot in Mexico.
  3. sandyhenderson-82320, 2 weeks ago
    Crossing Point has a decent narrative though much of it has a "heard-it-before" feel to it. It does manage to add enough of a spin to make some of it fresh and entertaining. Especially within its saturated genre.

    Much of "Crossing Point" like cinematography, music, performances, ... at times I actually found to transcend it's overall cheap-action classification. Many elements of this film have potential but the finished product is flawed. With that being said, I'd pick to see this again anytime over some of the redundant super hero junk that the major studios are pumping out these days.

    All in all, it was enjoyable and didn't find it to be a waste of time watching this. And that means a lot today. So, 7/10
  4. benjansens, 2 weeks ago
    Felt like I had to watch cause a friend is in it and wanted to support. Cheesy poster got me worried. Well, believe it or not this film is actually quite cool.

    It starts out somewhat generic but then takes off. And becomes a hell of a ride. Good acting. Fast moving story telling. Great sound and music. Love the dirty look of the Mexico stuff. The good cop is awesome, great to see him in his element, I remember him from one of my alltime favorites... good old "Traffic".

    Not the masterpiece I'd see again but it's good entertainment and worth the one-time rental if you ask me. And since I'm proud of my friend who's in it I'm giving it the "excellent-rating" bump here on IMDb.