Murder on the Orient Express

6.7 IMDb
3 November 2017 Release
$ 55 000 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Drama, Mystery
Countries:USA, UK, Malta, France, Canada, New Zealand
24 Votes

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Having just solved a mysterious theft in Jerusalem, the famed Belgian moustachioed detective, Hercule Poirot, is in need of balancing things in his life with a small vacation, in 1934 Istanbul. Instead, the vigilant detective will soon find himself aboard the luxurious Orient Express on a trip to Calais, sharing a carriage with an eclectic assortment of first-class travellers and an invisible murderer who walks unnoticed among them. When a sudden massive avalanche blocks the tracks, trapping the passengers in the locomotive, the gruesome murder of a commuter in his cabin will force Poirot to solve a conundrum where everyone is a suspect. In the end, who could be the killer?

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Movie Comments

  1. Barbara-4, 2 weeks ago
    If you want to see Murder on the Orient Express, check out the 1974 version starring Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot. It is a wonderful movie, very close to the book. And guess what.... spoilers...

    In this movie...Hercule Poirot does not get attacked by *any* of the suspects, still less shot by one of them who also confesses to the murder.

    Apparently Brannagh thought modern day audiences couldn't sit through a murder mystery without 3 fist fights - and a shooting.

    Then of course there's the political correctness. It's set in the right time period, the 1930s, but the doctor who has nothing to do with the crime has been morphed with Arbuthnot, one of the killers - and is now black.

    I suppose that's okay, if it's true that one black man per medical class is allowed in, in 1930s England...but it's just dumb - and the fact that he actually shoots Poirot - when no matter who he may be, there's no evidence against him or the white woman he's in love with - is just stupid.

    Then there's the most egregious bit - the opening where an Iman, a Rabbi and a Priest are accused of stealing a valuable relic at the Wailing Wall where thousands of people of different ethnicities are waiting. And of course it isn't one of these three religious people - no, it's the head of the British police who steals it in order to foment discontent and cement British rule, apparently. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Then there's the fact that Poirot has been turned into Mr. Monk. He steps into a pile of dung with one foot. Poirot is a neat freak, and a clean freak, not a 'balance' freak. There is no way in hell he'd step into the dung with his *other* foot, to balance everything out. Just stupid.

    The actors do excellent jobs with what they're given. Unfortunately what they're given is awful. I give 5 stars for the performances, and that's it.
  2. postmortem-books, 2 weeks ago
    I am loathe to put the boot in to any film but the barrage of publicity for this, plastered all over the BBC news and chat shows - Graham Norton and Andrew Marr interviewing the phalanx of "stars" in a suitable subservient way - has pushed this reviewer over the edge. It is a film that didn't need a remake since the original was perfectly acted and nuanced. Perhaps that is half the problem - I know the "solution" and therefore the denouement is no surprise- but there is something more deeply flawed with this movie. Firstly - that moustache. Ridiculous and in the end it becomes something that you stare at and wonder just why something so outrageously stupid would NOT get in the way of what words the actor is actually saying. You stop listening and just try and see where it is stuck on. Branagh stomps around the various scenes like Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia (even down to walking along the top of the snow-covered carriage as if he was king of the castle) and then addresses the suspects in a scene that is reminiscent of The Last Supper painting. Everywhere he goes everyone knows him. Absolutely everyone. The opening scenes in Jerusalem are unnecessary and only serve to raise Branagh/Poirot into God like status where the population of the city are happy to take his word and trample a suspect policeman to death. No jury, no trial, lynch mob rules. All of which seems to bother the guardian of justice not one jot.

    Cut to the train - at last. We hear that the train is full and that Poirot will have to share a cabin for at least one night. As we discover that there are just 12 passengers on the whole train I wondered what happened to all the other empty berths on the other carriages. Let's just pass over that one. We are now introduced to the various characters. I don't know how much these stars got paid for this movie but boy, apart from Michelle Pfeiffer, they don't have too many words to say. The main action is sitting around looking suspiciously at each other. Depp is mostly unintelligible evidenced by his recent performance on the Graham Norton show where he found it difficult to string two words together. It is only Branagh who has the dialogue - and he works it as hard as he can into some kind of Shakespearean dialogue. Judi Dench plays the part Wendy Hiller took in the 1974 film. I know Dench is supposed to be the public's "favourite" but Hiller's sneering haughtiness will remain one of the highlights of the earlier film long after this one is forgotten.

    In the novel and the 1974 film the train gets stuck in a drift. Here it is struck by an avalanche and teeters on a wooden viaduct. Ain't CGI wonderful? The engine is derailed but never fear he comes a gang of ten workers who will dig away the snow and pull a 100 ton engine back on to the tracks - with their bare hands. Marvellous.

    And the music score? Possibly the most disappointing part of the whole film when one considers the classic Richard Rodney Bennett score for the 1974 film. Patrick Doyle's offering is just insipid and uninspired. The closing credits roll with some vapid pop song burbling away in the background.

    Well, if you've never seen the 1974 film and you don't know the ending you may enjoy this but perhaps you should locate that earlier film and wait for this to end up on the £3 shelf at Tesco. It would appear, to judge by the final quip by Poirot in the film that Branagh is planning to redo Death on the Nile. God help us.
  3. duffjerroldorg, 2 weeks ago
    Why remake Murder On The Orient Express when there are so many titles from Agatha Christie's bibliography that have never been made. Specially this one, directed in 1974 by Sidney Lumet - a genius at having many great actors within a confined space, think 12 Angry Men - with a cast that was to die for. The 2017 Kenneth Brannagh couldn't survive the comparison and it doesn't. I missed the elegance and the wit. Albert Finney got an Oscar nomination for his Hercules Poirot here Kenneth Brannagh's mustache will get all the attention as well as Johnny Depp's incomprehensible performance. Then, of course, the score. The original Richard Rodney Bennett became a classic. So, I ask you, was this necessary?
  4. youngluke-13189, 2 weeks ago
    When I first saw the cast line-up for this film, I thought it was going to be a masterpiece. Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp etc. The list goes on. But, it goes to show that a brilliant cast cannot make-up for mediocre.

    I'm being careful to avoid spoilers here! The film starts with a relatively entertaining light-hearted action sequence which brings Poirot to the forefront of the story-line. But, it quickly goes downhill from here. We are then introduced to the rest of the cast and we quickly learn they all have their own stories.

    After this though, the film becomes incredibly dull and slow. This remake is completely unnecessary and tedious

    I have only given it 5 stars because I have significant respect for Agatha Christie's Poirot and it is only the base story-line which rescues it. Boring acting and predictable plot-twists.

    Most definitely mediocre.