Almost Friends

6.2 IMDb
14 October 2016 Release
Genres:Comedy, Drama
20 Votes

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Charlie is an unmotivated man in his mid 20s still living at home with his mother and stepfather who falls for a young woman who has a serious boyfriend.

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Movie Comments

  1. Gordon-11, 4 weeks ago
    This film tells the story of a shy teen man, who decides to approach the local coffee shop girl who has a boyfriend already.

    "Almost Friends" is sweet and relatable, and the characters are sympathetic and likable as well. However, it is just not very memorable, and does not stand out or touch people's hearts. It is good for brain off entertainment, but it does not offer much more than that.
  2. Smurfin, 4 weeks ago
    I thought I was watching a romance type of movie through the first few minutes, and I thought a twist would definitely happen with the other girl, turned out I was completely wrong, it's totally not that kind of movie.

    It's a slice of life movie and quite enjoyable to watch, there is nothing flashy and nothing fancy, everything is just normal everyday life, well not really that normal per se, but everyone walks in different shoes and has their own path.

    There is only one thing that I think is unresolved or 'unconfronted' but come to think of it, even that is just normal in life.
  3. cortesjanet, 3 weeks ago
    The entire movie is an absolute waste of time. The only reason I watched the movie is due to the fact that I am a hormonal girl who is madly in love with Freddie Highmore. I do not recommend this movie to anyone at all. Please, I beg you if you are reading this review do not waste two hours of your life watching 'Almost Friends'. Instead, why don't you take a two-hour nap you and your body will thank me later.
  4. David Flowers, 3 weeks ago
    I'd like to see a followup to this sobering charmful character story. I think what makes the main character endearing is his propensity for honesty. He shows a child like willingness to put him self out there and reach out for the person, who will be the one to bring out a desire to ask more of himself. She reminds him that he's worthy of the pursuit of asking more of himself. He learns that to have the one he wants, he has to do himself a favor and become the person he wants to be. Until he does, the one cares about the most won't be able to pursue him wholeheartedly. I hope to see a sequel that will show his career unfolding and hopefully a further developing romance.