5.9 IMDb
25 October 2017 Release
$ 10 000 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Horror, Mystery
23 Votes

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Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years.

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Movie Comments

  1. rbrb, 2 months ago
    Apparently this movie is a further instalment of a series and unless a viewer is familiar with what occurred before, the story comes across as garbled and confused. Film-makers who create picture by instalments ought to realize that many people will be clueless about what came before, so the new film ought to be able to stand alone. A maniac is killing off people one by one and detectives need to solve the "jig saw". There are some good moments in this flick yet it is more or less spoiled by a confused storyline except for those in the know. 5 and a half, generously rounded up: 6/10.
  2. aldendsouza, 1 month ago
    How can you guarantee that your movie will leave as many people disappointed as possible? You create a sequel to what was an amazing franchise and then create something so kitch, so tasteless, a movie that leaves the audience struggling to relate because you put no effort into making anything of the movie even a little bit believable. I strongly believe these kinds of lazy productions should be discouraged. The bar for what gets screened is already way too low as it is.
  3. jctreasurer-684-881708, 1 month ago

    This movie is bad. There's no other way to say it. The acting is terrible, the direction is terrible, the script is terrible, the pacing is terrible and the "twist" and traps are all...you guessed it...terrible.

    The original 7 SAW movies built a rich story of a man seeking a higher purpose for the relatively short time he had left on the planet. This story was woven with layer after layer of twists and turns that actually piggy-backed off of each other to leave the viewer with really good WOW moments...for instance:

    When we find out that the victim with the key under his eye in SAW 2 was operated on by Dr Gordon, THAT MAKES SENSE...because Gordon WAS a surgeon. When we learn that Hoffman is also an apprentice, THAT MAKES SENSE because there is manpower required to move and hang victims that a bed ridden Jigsaw and 80 pound Amanda couldn't have.

    This movie, introducing ANOTHER apprentice and giving ZERO reason why he's never mentioned in the SEVEN other movies is absolutely insane. I'm sure someone will point out "But, he was the guy who mixed up the X-rays!"...uh...OK...except, mixed up X-rays are never talked about in any of the SEVEN other movies...even in the later movies where we get the bulk of Kramer's story, we are told that he knew he had cancer and the reason he wasn't operated on is because his insurance denied him for "pre-existing conditions".

    Another thing that drove me NUTS about this movie is this: when the people make it past the part where the chains are initially released from around their necks, they go right for the LOCKED DOOR...when the barn they're in is rickety as HECK and you can clearly see that the boards holding it together are quite far apart, old and could, most likely, be broken through with ANY of the farm tools that are just lying around. I mean, COME ON. They try and show, later, that old PigFace is stalking them, making sure that they finish the game but, at this point, there are THREE players still left, in relatively good shape and, if all of them grabbed an axe, Pick, shovel and broke through the side of the dang barn, they could take on whoever came at them together.

    Also, the "new Jigsaw"...Jesus Christ. Please, PLEASE don't let this guy come back to the series...he's an awful actor, has a crap backstory and absolutely ZERO charisma. If he's supposed to be the guy to lead the series forward...wow. Just...wow.

    Lastly...the traps are the reason that people watch these movies and the "traps" in this movie are utter trash. No originality. Not "cool". Not twisted. Just lame and more lame.

    Please don't let these brothers anywhere near this franchise again. For the love of god.
  4. rgkarim, 1 month ago
    "Let's Play A Game", those simple words haunted the theaters for years, signaling the start of yet another slasher movie in the Saw series. What started out as a unique twist to the serial killer saga was only the start to a face cringing, spine tingling, sometimes nauseating saga that hooked people in until around the sixth-seventh iteration when it finally ended. That was until this year, where the saga was to be reanimated in hopes of bringing more bucks to the theaters. Will this eighth installment have the ability to defy death like it's protagonist antihero, or is it dead like the poor victims of his games. Only one way to find out and that is read my friends, so let's get started!


    Fast-Pace: With all the slow movies I have been seeing, I give props to the Saw series maintaining their consistent pace. From start to finish, the tale keeps moving, sparing no second for unnecessary details or attempts at prolonged character development. The mystery of figuring out the identity of the game master, mixed with the spread-out trials that promise a messy end are well-balanced to keep things going.

    Decent Characters: A horror movie often has many brain-dead characters begging to be chainsaw fodder. Fortunately, Saw movies continue to choose players who have a little more complexity and skills than many of the Spring Break teens favored. The tradition lives on, as each player has a little more buried within, still having a few obviously destined corpses, but others who have a shot at making it out. And for those not in the game, but trying to solve the mystery, they too have some layers to them that may or may not be pertinent to the story. It's those engaging elements that are crafted in the story, making them more engaging to follow.

    The Presentation: Another component I still like is the presentation of the movie. Many go for the kills, but the better component for me is how they separate the story into two settings. One is still the players trying to escape the closes thing to hell's torture chamber, while the other are the outside characters hunting down the "maniac" that continues to weave his traps. The ability to entangle these two components, balancing their timing to provide clues and hints to the story all while keeping you invested in the game. Such a dynamic presentation provides those checks and balances necessary for a slasher movie, and keeping things as fresh as possible.

    Twist: As many of you know, Saw movies are all about the ability to throw that last wrench into the gears to blow your mind. Despite my experience with predicting endings, this one got me. The questions I asked were on the right path, but they were able to drop enough interfering factors to throw me off the trail. Jigsaw once again impresses me with their storytelling, and their mastery of presentation. I can't say much more, but ask the right questions and you might get the answers.


    Lazy Deaths: Those first few movies were convoluted in their traps. They had designed devices that were an impressive display of imagination, horror, and engineering that gave everyone a kick in terms of design. While Jigsaw still has the impressive connections and storytelling, it unfortunately fails in the terms of the traps themselves. They are surprisingly simple for the most part, and a little more reserved than I expected in this modern era. Yes, there is still plenty of blood in this battle for moral consequences, but they didn't involve quite as much skin crawling madness.

    Acting a little cheesy: Despite the engaging characters, there are times when there are a few inconsistencies in the character's intelligence, or often the case their acting. While decent for the most part, the writers hit some blocks in terms of dialogue or direction they wanted the characters to go. There are those moments the "tension" overwhelms them into hysterical messes that are cheesy rather than believable. In addition, the dialogue sometimes gets lazy, just going into expletives than conducive dialog. A weak dislike yes, but I'm drawing on straws.

    The potential for a series: Like the original series, I had hoped for an ending, but then this movie showed up. While I did enjoy it, I am worried that the way this movie ends sets up the potential for a new series to start. Sure, this means more Saw goodness, but it also means the potential to dilute this movie into another run of the mill series that will become a product of lazy producing. Hopefully that won't happen, but these days series are the prize most companies seek.

    The VERDICT:

    Jigsaw is the piece of the puzzle that brings quality back to the lovely massacre series. Going back to the roots, the writers were able to bring back a brilliant presentation and characters you can follow. All the nostalgic qualities rush in with the deadly traps, bringing that fast-pace, twisting tale that captivated us all those years ago. While still not the first movie, especially in terms of death design and potential to revive the series, it was a welcome addition to the series. So, if you are looking for the horror movie of the month, Jigsaw is your answer for the theater my friends.

    My scores:

    Crime/Horror/Mystery: 8.5 Movie Overall: 7.0