Thor: Ragnarok

8.0 IMDb
10 October 2017 Release
$ 180 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Comedy
45 Votes

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Thor's world is about to explode. His devious brother, Loki, has taken over Asgard, the powerful Hela has emerged to steal the throne for herself and Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. To escape captivity and save his home from imminent destruction, Thor must first win a deadly alien contest by defeating his former ally and fellow Avenger - The Incredible Hulk.

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Movie Comments

  1. Jake Smith, 3 months ago
    Ill start with the positives, Thor was funny. He had a new character which was unusual at first but later accepted. Like these latest Marvel films, it was quite a funny film, in fact, the film was a lot less serious than earlier marvel and superhero films. The worlds were very creative and that trash place was very well designed. Loki was Loki which was great to see, and the use of Led Zepplin will always be appreciated in my books.

    BUT, and there is a big but.

    It misses out on two big things; Story and Tension. Now if you haven't seen the film yet I am putting a Spoiler warning here however I wont go into details. Basically the story is Odin dies and then this girl that's apparently Thor's Sister (doesn't effect the story) and she wants to rule Asgard. But UH OH, SHE KILLS LOADS OF PEOPLE. So Thor tries to stop her with the unbreakable hammer and it breaks. You've seen it in the trailers, it does a titanic. So he gets banished to this trash world and has to fight and escape that world to save Asgard. It's a very simple story that give any messages, it doesn't have any plot twists, and you know exactly how it ends...

    This leads me to my second point. Tension. We all know how it was going to end. Thor wins. Duh. It's a superhero movie so of course the super hero wins. Now, in a good film like The Dark Knight, we know that Bruce is Human and he can be beaten, so when the Joker begins killing other people it impacts him mentally, and the Dark Knight is often close to dying. Also, the Joker is threatening to kill people WE CARE ABOUT. We care about Harvey Dent, and Rachel, and Gordon. This establishes something called "Tension." When you have a literal unkillable god trying to save a bunch of people we don't know or care about, it kind of removes tension, so you end up questioning why we should still care what happens in the film.

    I do want to move onto a positive note, and here's another spoiler alert. This film has consequences that effect the whole story of the Marvel Universe. I've got to hand it to them, they did that well. A planet actually blows up and Thor loses an eye. I never thought this would happen as in most films where a city or world is in danger the superhero saves it and then the next film they act like nothing has happened. I praise them for that.

    So to summarise, read the title. It is a good superhero, and it deserves praise. But is it an 8.0+ rated film? No. I would still recommend this film though, it has some funny moments and the visuals are amazing, and if superhero films are your favourite film then this will top your list.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. andrewhorne-79978, 3 months ago
    I absolutely loved it!! It is really funny - I am pretty sure I laughed the whole time! It was really colorful as well. The other Thor movies were pretty good but this one blows them out of the water! I was really hoping it would be good with the great acting list, but I was not expecting the movie to be this good! This movie is definitely one of my favorite movies ever!