Arthur Christmas

7.1 IMDb
11 November 2011 Release
$ 100 000 000 Budget
97 min Duration
Genres:Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Countries:UK, USA
Director:Sarah Smith
Writers:Peter Baynham, Sarah Smith
8 Votes

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It is Christmas Eve. The big hi-tech sleigh, the S-1 is to deliver two billion presents on Santa's 70th mission. Meanwhile, Arthur gets a letter from a girl from 23 Mimosa Avenue, Trelew, Cornwall, England, saying that she wants a Pink Twinkle Bike for Christmas. The S-1, which is the answer to every child's question: How does Santa deliver all those presents in just one night, travels seven million miles around the world delivering the gifts. However, during a delivery operation, when one child wakes up and almost sees Santa, an elf inadvertently presses a button, causing a present to fall off a conveyor and go unnoticed. A crazy wrapping elf called Bryony discovers the gift and Arthur is alarmed to discover that it was the present for Gwen Hines, the Twinkle bike. Grandsanta proposes delivering the gift using Evie, his old wooden sleigh, and the descendants of the original eight reindeer, forcefully whisking away a reluctant Arthur and a stowaway Bryony. They get lost, lose reindeer, and land in danger several times, ultimately being mistaken for aliens and causing an international military incident. Can Arthur, with the help of Grandsanta and Bryony really be the heroes of the night and deliver the missing present before Gwen wakes up, thus saving Christmas?

Movie Comments

  1. Imdbidia, 3 weeks ago
    I watched this film last Christmas and I was rolling my eyes cartoon style.

    It wasn't just the mediocre animation, the poor character development, the poor narrative, the silly jokes or some preposterous scenes. To me, the main sin of the movie is that it lacks what any movie about Xmas for children should have: true Xmas spirit and true heart.

    The premises of the story would have been nice enough to make a nice short, but the short is stretched unnecessarily into a soulless movie. Christmas is not adventure and gadgets, even though I love my gadgets and adventure. No Xmas spirit into this movie, no matter how many gimmicks, lions, spaceships and adventure you put into it and how many Santas you count in it, there is no soul.

    The story lost me after the first five minutes. Silly me, I kept watching, so I got a strong anti-Arthur feeling, and I thought that the Grinch should have stolen Arthur's Christmas.

    Ho ho ho.
  2. keithesposito, 2 weeks ago
    It's hard these days to be an animated movie that's not Pixar or (more and more) Dreamworks. This movie kind of fell short for me, but wasn't too bad.

    Arthur Christmas is an interesting take on the Christmas narrative that seems a bit too dark and a little all-over-the-place.

    By dark, I mean, it focuses entirely on the Santa Claus line, while apparently belittling everyone from the Elves to Mrs. Claus. I expect a bit more cheer, or at least recognition, in my holiday flicks, but this movie never offered it. It's a simple, cheap (time, emotion, etc) film to watch, but don't expect yourself to be brimming with joviality after.