Christmas with the Kranks

5.2 IMDb
15 November 2004 Release
$ 60 000 000 Budget
99 min Duration
Genres:Comedy, Family
Director:Joe Roth
Writers:John Grisham, Chris Columbus
11 Votes

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When Luther and Nora Kranks only daughter leaves and goes to another country they both decide to skip Christmas this year and spend it on a cruise. Now they must survive, facing their neighbors, a house decorations contest and carolers. But when their daughter calls on Christmas eve and says shes coming home for Christmas, the Kranks really get into the meaning of Holiday Rush when they have 12 hours to get Christmas set up for their daughter and her fiancée.

Movie Comments

  1. jimw-63592, 3 weeks ago
    I was actually nice and gave it a 2 star rating. I like Jamie Lee Curtis, but her acting in this film was flat out awful! I can't believe the director of this film didn't fire her while filming.

    It's such a stupid plot, two married couple decide to skip Christmas one year and go somewhere tropical. So the entire neighborhood flips out and does everything to stop them because the Kranks won't decorate their home with holiday lights and this massive sized snowman that everyone puts on their roof. I cringe every time I see it on TV! It also has a bizarre mix of cast members. No chemistry and bad acting all around. Tim Allen didn't even seem like he was into his character.
  2. Spacenaz, 2 weeks ago
    I just watched this movie and thought it was a passable Christmas movie. Yes I agree with the other poster that it is a movie meant to generate Christmas spending by shaming the people who turn away from it like the Kranks, but it was reasonably funny though. I don't care about its message, because in the end they showed he had the Christmas spirit after all. I like Dan Akroyd's militant neighbor role, and Tim Allen is no stranger to Christmas movies. It was generally meh though, but got a few laughs from me. One of my favorite bits was right at the start when that Santa was trying to sell him the umbrella, and later when the priest (Looney "It's Lun-nay, it's French" from Family Matters) encounters them at the tanning salon was pretty funny too. Overall a family friendly (G rated) comedy with a heartwarming ending. 6/10
  3. Prismark10, 2 weeks ago
    This film is actually based on a John Grisham novel but is a misguided misfire that has little by way of symbolism relating to the Christian meaning of Christmas. For goodness sake you have a Catholic priest hanging round a party on Christmas Eve instead of preparing for midnight mass.

    Luther Krank (Tim Allen) upsets his neighbourhood as he decides not to take in Christmas festivities and instead go on a Caribbean cruise with his wife Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) as their daughter has now left home and joined the Peace Corps. His neighbours are upset with this Scrooge like attitude and try to coerce and shame them into celebrating Christmas like decking the halls, buying gifts and putting Frosty the Snowman up on the roof just as everyone else on the street has done.

    The film gets syrupy and manipulative at the end as their daughter at the last minute decides to spend Christmas with her family and wants to introduce them to her new fiancé. This means succumbing to the commercialisation of Christmas and now at the last minute they need to buy a tree, honey ham and invite everyone around to their party.

    This is an artificial and uneven film with a mixed message that relies on Home Alone type antics for a few laughs. No surprise there as it is written by Chris Columbus who directed Home Alone 1 & 2 and directed by Joe Roth who was Head of 20th Century Fox when Home Alone 1 & 2 were released.
  4. Jeffrey Tick, 2 weeks ago
    The story-line had potential. A couple decide to disavow Christmas, opting instead for a dream cruise. I didn't read the John Grisham book,but can only imagine how much fun and intriguing it would be to portray a story of denial and a break with this iconic tradition. Instead, Hollywood plunged into their seemingly endless trove of clichés,corniness, and "crappola" to serve up something so ridiculous it boggles the mind that people are actually (well) paid to produce this insult to the art of film making. Luther Krank (Tim Allen) decides on a whim to buy a cruise and skip Christmas. His wife Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) hee haws for about 30 seconds (her inner conflict is irrelevant) before agreeing to go along with his plan. What ensues is a neighborhood and communal outrage (involving the police department no less) that is so juvenile and ludicrous that one has to wonder at what mentality this film is aiming at. Even if (and it is a big if) the story had managed some association with reality and character development, the acting (on all sides) is so void of any semblance of portraying a real person that there is really no reason to get involved with the hackneyed spectacle or even waste time on a more substantial review.

    I gave it a 3. (2 points are free, just because I like Christmas.)