The Polka King

5.9 IMDb
22 January 2017 Release
Genres:Biography, Comedy, Drama
17 Votes

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Local Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewan develops a plan to get rich that shocks his fans and lands him in jail.

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Movie Comments

  1. edg0123, 1 week ago
    Basically everything about this movie was about average. The acting is fine, the characters, while sort of bland, are interesting enough. The story is good, the writing is good, and so is the directing.

    But there are some things that fall flat. For example, the cinematography, for the most part, was bland. Every shot lookedthe same and felt the same. However, I thought the lighting was well done. Also, some of the perfomances felt a little off. But, I do believe that Jenny Slate and, especially, Jack Black were able to carry the film and make it more fun to watch. Although this movie is listed as a comedy, there really is little comedy to be found. It's not that the movie is necessarily unfunny, it's just that there are no jokes or humorous situations. I did find myself smiling sometimes, not because it was funny, but because there are some fun or satisfying moments in the movie.

    For every negative this movie has, there is a positive that slightly evens it out. While it does leave some to be desired, this film is pretty solid and enjoyable. If you are thinking about seeing this movie, I would recommend it. Just don't go in with too high of expectations.
  2. courtjes, 1 week ago
    Knowing the real people, the real town, this movie falls flat on its face. It gives a ridiculous portrait of Lewan as naive and kind and generous instead of the calculating criminal he became in fleecing old people of their life savings. The mother in law is way too over the top in your face. The wife is virtually a non entity. It is a boring, awfully acted, awfully produced picture that used a Rhode Island location instead of the more realistic Pennsylvania. Thankfully its not in the actual movies where one would have to buy a ticket.
  3. guyzradio, 1 week ago
    I remember Jack Black's previous projects Nacho Libre and School of Rock as enjoyable. Based on his appearance on Stephen Colbert the night before the film's release, I assumed The Polka King would be similar. Unfortunately, the film failed for me on multiple levels.

    Most aspects of the film fell "flat," a term used liberally in other reviews. Black's forced and unnatural Polish accent constantly got in its own way. Whether an attempt to accurately portray a real person, or a caricature, it wore out quickly.

    Further confusing matters is it's a story about a polka band, but there wasn't much polka music. But wait...that's because it's REALLY a comedy about a Ponzi scheme, in which the band plays a minor contribution to the plot. But's not that funny, either.

    Overall, the film left me wondering what it was attempting to do. Formulaic plot, over-the-top or under-developed characters, a question of accurate portrayal of Jan Lewan, etc. Catch it on streaming if you must. Be prepared for a letdown.
  4. sherryhodges, 5 days ago
    If you're a Jack Black fan, you'll love this one. Great writing, great music, great comic timing. Jack Black tells his stories with heart. Wonderful!