12 Strong

6.7 IMDb
18 Jan 2018 Release
Genres:Action, Drama, History
59 Votes

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The plot of the militant, based on real events described in the novel of the military journalist of the same name, carries the audience to the beginning of this millennium. America plunges into mourning after a large-scale terrorist attack, which not only destroyed two skyscrapers, but also killed over a thousand lives. After the terrorist act, the main character of the movie "12 Strong" - Captain of the US Navy Mitch Nelson - receives a responsible mission. He and eleven colleagues have to perform a secret operation. Soldiers are instructed to travel to Afghanistan to clean up several military facilities, ensuring further advance of the army of their country.

The actions of the heroes are extremely important, because in the event of failure of the mission, the terrorists will go unpunished. Time plays against Mitch and his team, as they need to complete the operation in a few days. And it seems impossible, because they will be opposed by an entire army armed to the teeth. Understanding the unenviable position of soldiers, the higher leadership is seeking a military alliance with field general Abdul, who are trying to overthrow the Taliban regime. The reassured military did not suspect that their allies would be people opposing tanks and armored cars with the help of old rifles.

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